I was already told by people I was going to hell for having a disablility and being homosexual so I already knew my fate.

Your Favorite lolcow.org Stars on the Big Screen


I can't let you get close
Have you ever wondered what {o}P sounds like? Or maybe if SIGSEGV is as based as he seams? Or have you wondered if snailslime was a real women? Did you ever wonder WHY Kengle boils his burgers?

Well now all your dreams have come true and all the stars are here!

Edit: The fucking pussy who hosted the stream has privated it.

Edit 2: The fucking bipolar sped put it back up, very nice

Mod edit: you can watch it without making a jewgle account here https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=UF_derKQmpg
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Age-restricted, because of course it is.

Edit: Requested by uploader. Gay.
Screenshot_2021-05-01 The Cat's Corner Special - Kengle confronts his Moderators (lolcow org).png
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Alright just in case it gets shoahed from YouTube and we lose the recording of this glorious night, I've ripped it to an mp4 available on the MEGA at the link below. I may clip some of the more hilarious parts later on the weekend if I don't forget and/or find something better to do with my time:

Relive the highlights as robot man, potato, KDE fanboy and gay Randbot argue with Kengle about the ethics of boiling burgers while a stoned jewess drops monotonous one-liners and then crashes the stream audio at one point. Also this faggot was on the stream too I guess.


I wasn't invited? WTF, who do I have to suck off to get a spot?

Edit: I'm listening to this right now and I will put down my thoughts and highlights. (Going to be more in-depth later, just going to see the good parts at the moment.)
6:00 @naught sounds like the most stereotypical nerd, I am disappointed in you naught.
7:30 naught finally gives out his philosophical treatise that I've been looking forward to for the last year. His hatred of pansexuals is also not based and not redpilled.
15:30-15:40 naught finally declares his love of U.S.A Identity fluidity, brave and powerful.
29:00 {o}P reveals itself to be Woody Allen's long lost Scottish bastard gender-neutral child. @Princess Little Piddles are you single?
1:32:30 @SIGSEGV joins in. Actually sounds like a normal member of society. Voice doesn't fit body.
1:47:00 @Unizone TV gets invited on and sounds once more like an actual functional member of society. But I don't know what Unizone did before on Onionfarms. Also, {o}P is seriously a gigantic autist, holy shit. You swamp Groundkeepers Willie.
1:48:00-1:49:00 The A-Team discuss the horrific atrocities that Kengle has committed over the years.
1:54:00 @cjöcker is an abbo and gets talked over, just like now in the forums. Poor bastard.
1:56:38-1:57:20 Shut the fuck up {o}P. Though he does bring up a good topic for another episode. Dom Cruise episode when?
1:57:30-1:58:30 cjöcker's reveals himself to be a Harry Potter character. He also does his best to poison poor people whenever he sees them. Based and redpilled.
2:02:28 {o}P almost goes into a tard rage.
2:03:30-2:04:20 The group enters into a autism storm where they collectively shit their pants and begin to produce soy.
2:05:30-2:07:00 The group discuss Kengle's attempt at merchandising. I am generally surprised how close {o}P was to the upper echelons of Onionfarms.
2:30:30 {o}P begins to swoon over his internet girlfriend @twatter.
2:37:33 @twatter joins into the group. {o}P begins to coom.
2:38:00-2:51:20 I have heard Hell and it is a bleak and terrible place indeed. I lost my sanity briefly and had reached a nirvana of pure pain.
2:42:22-2:42:42 @snailslime joins in. Has an actually nice voice and not a Jewish mother from 70's-80's Sitcom. @twatter says nothing for the entire event, leaves like a red-headed step-child.
3:03:10-3:05:00 snailslime seems to be using a computer from the early 2000's or is a robot from Israel. Both? She's also more spaced out than Neil Armstrong on the Moon.
3:20:46-3:22:40 Famous child raper and horse-cock enthusiast, @Null, joins the stream. The A-Team jokes that he is @Puppet, who is revealed finally to be Nohull.

Collected Thoughts;
Why wasn't @Rusty McGrief on the stream? Did she actually have some form of self-respect?
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Robert Sanvagene

Doing the needful
But you can't get rid of @{o}P, he's the protagonist.
You spelled "antagonist" wrong.

Credit where it's due, {o}P brought the milk. TBH maybe the real faggot was whoever didn't mute him when he started being a colossal spaz. That poor cunt @cjöcker couldn't get a word in edgeways because that gobshite {o}P couldnae stop spilling his haggis everywhere.