Warrant Canary Warrant Canary 2022-01-04


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As we all know, shitposting is serious business, so I'm going to start writing a warrant canary just in case SIGSEGV gets the feds sicced on us.

As of January 4 2022, 12:52:00 (GMT+1, Central European Time),

* Lolcow.org has never recieved a takedown notification under Title II of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

* Lolcow.org has recieved zero enforceable requests from law enforcement for user data.

* Lolcow.org has recieved zero enforceable requests from law enforcement to take down content.

* Lolcow.org has recieved zero gag orders or national security letters under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act from law enforcement .

Lolcow.org's currently active mirrors are:
* https://www.lolcow.org (uses Cloudflare CDN, registered to easyDNS)
* http://xksj5wxh42eotfx32h75rmt3o5cxwdgky6ytaruwrp3wnnbhnssdjnyd.onion/ (Tor hidden service version of the site)

Lolcow.org currently has the following alternate domains which may be used for mirrors in the future:
* lolcow.su
* lolcow.ru
* lolcow.top
* lolcow.pub
* lolcow.link

The GPG key for official Lolcow.org communications can be found at https://www.lolcow.org/gpg.txt or http://xksj5wxh42eotfx32h75rmt3o5cxwdgky6ytaruwrp3wnnbhnssdjnyd.onion/gpg.txt


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