Halal Vetti / Jorge / Mezza Voce / Snake - Ex Kiwi Farms Janny gone off the deep end



Vetti, who’s real name is Jorge, is a Spanish, Jewish and gay ex-Janny on Kiwifarms.net
He spent most of his time being completely irrelevant until a few months ago when he got ?coerced/groomed? by @asesoramiento who is https://www.lolcow.org/threads/empresa.1786/ who’s 28, into being an even bigger fagget.

Vetti proceeded to spiral into an autistic frenzy, gayoping on https://www.lolcow.org/threads/haru-okumura.1893/ and on https://www.lolcow.org/threads/elaine-miller-zero-ech0.1896/ while begging others to join in his and Empresa’s personal army requests.

Vetti fell off the deep end a few days ago getting drunk on vc & chat in the Harutius discord server (a server dedicated to trolling Haru Okumura, a Kiwi Farms user) admitting he was gay and, I quote “Maybe I want to get fucked up the ass because I know I’ll never be dominant”.

Vetti was eventually banned by Null https://www.lolcow.org/threads/null...-job4_2-pumpedupkicks-kiwinull-king-janny.94/ for encouraging Pedophilia by spamming chats with terms like “Cunny”

Vetti has made multiple controversial comments about underage subjects, screenshots of the above can be found at the bottom (I think, idk I’m autistic) of this OP.

It is also interesting to note that Vetti claims he is 18, if you were to match up how long he was a Janny for on Kiwi Farms it would be logical to assume he gained this role as a minor in the first place.

Vetti goes by multiple aliases on discord including calling himself jdanks420 and Evan Wynn (a KF user) screenshots of all his accounts and comments are posted here. He also socks on Kiwi under Mezza Voce.

(P.s. Nool, I think he likes you)

Enjoy lolcow.org bros!
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Punished a-log

Destroying Null one PPP repost at a time.
Ethan Ralph's Personal Paypig Sissy Boy
Bend over Sigseg ..... the true kino has arrived.
KYS, faggot. One day you will get your comeuppance and be a crying little bitch.
If Josh was smart he'd ban all you discord faggots, but he's a retard and hates Ralph too much. #PPPWasRight
The only people worse than gay op Discord trannies Ralph a-logs are those who quote PPP, you should feel bad for posting a PPP clip.
Oh wow, you are worse than I thought. Are you really going to post PPP clips on every thread like some sort of poo-in-loo Indian streetshit shitcoins on Discord.
What PPP said about Josh was pretty accurate to any and all outside observers. I ask everyone reading, is there anything about PPP's statements specifically that are weird, erratic, or sound like they're being "fired blindly?" His comments on Josh lasted less than 2 minutes.
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