Syrup Sipping Nayze / Angry Canadian - HE HAS EVIDENCE! AND A BURN BOOK!


We must secure the existence of our people&a futur
Person of No Interest
If you wanna prove you are balling as you say you are why not get a stack and actually destroy it somehow on camera with no cuts to prove you are hella rich? My mind goes to strong acid, I think your countries diversity problem isn't advanced enough so you should be able to get muriatric acid at a pool supply store

I'm going to hold Angry Canadian up at gunpoint and make him take off his clothes, and then i'd take off all my clothes and then i'd make him take my homeless and put them on and he'd have to go live in the dumpster behind the bakery, and I'd take his homeFUL clothes and go to his fancy smancy rich guy job and use HIS gold toilets and the ruby plated slippers and the in-flight blowjobs and it'll all be mine.