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This is the tale of two Australian cucks, a british cuck, a former administrator of one of the biggest internet forums, Ethan Ralph's teenage ex-girlfriend and a few talking fish. The evidence compiled here is the result of weeks of leaks, betrayals and autistic shitposters wanting to laugh at a total trashfire with the most irrelevant Z-celebs imaginable, spanning one irrelevant subcommunity to another. This content has faced heavy censorship, disinformation campaigns and autistic edits in an attempt by many of the individuals involved to cover many aspects of this shitshow up. Every major player here will be proven to be an actual cuckold or homosexual deviant. A simp war has no winners.

Suit Yourself / Mark Daniel Neale
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tl;dr Suit had a server where 16yo Faith Vickers was "groomed" by a number of pedophiles who inhabited the server and she was allowed to break TOS multiple times by going into NSFW 18+ areas, Suit Yourself did maximum damage control later changing the narrative "well she's above 13 and TOS approved". Suit additionally used Faith as a way to get back at his ex, Bev, despite her having no involvement, a reoccurring theme of Suit Yourself's.
Faith later came out to claim that Suit normalized her talking to older adult men in a sexual fashion, not to mention "raising red flags" for both her+Matthew Vickers. Everything said by Faith or Matthew Vickers should be taken with a grain of salt, but the screenshots from the time and various confirmations from people involved vindicate their claims.

Suit Yourself aka Mark Daniel Neale is a Queensland, Australia based failed commentator, spectrophile, "musician" and animator on par with a 4th grader. Mark is lying, vengeful hypocritical "ethical doxer" on par with a mentally disabled child, naturally being a massive Mister Metokur fanboy, piggybacking off his short lived success with "Sargon Vs Metokur animated", being a noted groomer enabler who sets off "redflags" to multiple people. Suit's youtube channel is quickly dying, with his patreon paypigs being reduced from 50 to 37 in a year alone(a 26% reduction). Suit lies constantly, creating narratives in his head, resulting in Suit creating drama. Around 20-30 years ago Suit's wife and child died in a car accident on their way to pick him up from army training. Suit has diabetes, a mom who died from cancer and a bad back. As revealed by his PDF, Mark was attending some small knockoff adult learning center called "Axiom college" as late as 2019 despite being in his late 40s, here's likely where he picked up his rudimentary knowledge of computer animation and editing. Suit actually has a kiwifarms account, although I'm unsure to who he is. Suit has a history of e-grifting, setting up gofundmes and other payment services in other deleted videos to beg for cash to upgrade his computer for streaming(which he doesn't even do anymore). You can hear about a very bias version of Suit's deep lore from this incredibly autistic timeline video he made for new fans. Did I mention Suit has a self confirmed confirmed small penis?

Suit must fulfill his desperate love quest, hopping from e-gf to e-gf picking through his fan-base one by one for desperate women by playing the "nice guy". Suit broke up with a girl named "Bev" in 2018, before moving onto a girl named "Shirley", then moved onto the single mom with three kids who started this saga, named "Hypa". After breaking up with Hypa, he moved onto "Lexi" in February of 2021. However, in an incel-like reaction Suit then seeks revenge on all of them, looking for some angle to attack them from and vent his rage to others. That being said, Skullkid allegedes that Hypa was e-dating 5 men, but there's little evidence of this besides his word. Suit's gallery of rogues is made up of his exs, some ghostbuster larper called Mark Davis who abuses the DMCA system and some insane bitch called Queen of Spade who he removed all the videos of after he receiving a lolsuit threat from her after he doxed her entire high school class. Allegedly she played a part in doxing Suit by releasing a PDF Hypa gave her, but she denies this. Even when Suit is "nice" to girls he has no actual relation to, he can't help but creep them out immediately so much they block him.


Suit kicked off this drama himself by first hearing pray tell of somebody(notably not Earjuice), mentioning his name in Earjuice's discord server VC, alleging that grooming occurred in Suit's own discord server before, his reaction to this was to make a video accidentally exposing creepy DMs with none other than the underage Faith Vickers, Ethan Ralph's ex girlfriend and mother of the Demon Baby. Suit attempted to expose Earjuice for not banning Suit's ex Hypa from EJ's community, alleging in some weird cuck fantasy that Hypa cheated on him with Earjuice(despite EJ being in an e-"relationship") and that she doxed him to Earjuice personally(without any evidence), before later changing his story to say she did it in the general discord server without any proof. Thus, was born the nickname "Simpjuice" as he was "simping for a doxer", Mark has never ever engaging in confirming a dox or threatened to dox people as open leverage or making his enemy's kids appear on youtube without reason other then intimidation. Due to the release of the video and the shortly shown DMs, people demanded more was posted as Cognitive Thought the drama streamer himself sperged over this appearing on Kiwifarms and ran defense for Suit as hard as possible, throughout this running defense for Suit as hard as humanly possible to oppose his sworn enemy Earjuice, despite the fact his girlfriend Mandy G was modded in Cog's chat. Suit then attempted to unironically declare he didn't know Faith Vickers, despite DMing her and later playing up his relationship with her to defend his actions. Suit(plus his capos/paypigs) then posted more DMs(see above) which further vindicated the fact that Faith Vickers had no consequences for going into the NSFW section where adults twice her age (at least on two occasions) talked with or @d her there. She was even talked to her sexually, but the small dissent against this clear TOS violation there was cucked when the moderators were met with dissent from "white knights" . Earjuice naturally teased Suit on this, hoping it would deter him but it only caused Suit declare full on war. Suit is incredibly sensitive to this stuff and if you point out he dug his own grave, he will sperg out on you. Suit even went so far as to directly say Mandy was a groomer with no evidence for it, before deleting the tweet (likely upon Cog asking) and posting a more soft version defending himself.
Screenshot_2021-05-12 👔 Sᴜɪᴛ ЯEWIND ⏪.png

This was later provoked when """Hypa""" posted Suit's dox PDF onto twitter, along with saying he had a small penis and referencing Plate Gang. Interestingly, Mark confirmed his dox and he confirmed he had a small penis seeing as how utterly convinced he was this was Hypa despite every sign pointing to otherwise(worth noting that Mark believing Hypa doxed him is separate and occurred before). From here regular cohost Skullkid broke off from HEJAS/Earjuice by releasing a stream where he confirmed most of Suit's claims regarding his doxing, attempting to mediate peace but pissing off both sides more. This caused Earjuice's other longtime co-host Stretch to break-off too. This later provoked Skullkid into making open threats against Earjuice going after Mandy for having mental breakdowns.

Suit, being the proud freedom of speech warrior who constantly has to battle false legal takedowns and has had his channel deleted before under false pretenses based around slander, then started bragging about a lolsuit he was gonna launch against Earjuice for "defamation".

From here fake Hypa posted this absolute masterpiece made by SayNoToGeno, must watch

SimpJuice 1-5, to summarize Mark contradicts himself constantly, makes up a number of ridiculous narrative, manages to drop more damning info and constantly praises Lexi, claiming Hypa was so jealous over her

During Simpjuice III decided to once again threaten Earjuice with a lolsuit over defamation for implying Suit was a pedo, and provoked a fight against him despite looking for a truce at the time.

If you watch the Simpjuice videos, you can piece together that a large part of the reason why Mark broke up with his previous E-gf, Hypa, is due to her "being jealous" is because she made him deleted the Sims 4 after he repeatedly jerked off to repeated sex with the ghost Sim of who he thought looked like Lexi, aka Robert the catfish. yes that's an actual disclaimer Suit put in a video making fun of him being a pervert. Imagine breaking up with your girlfriend to go date an autistic brony fatass catfish.
Screenshot_2021-04-28 Cuck Wars - Ethan Ralph vs Cognitive Thought.png


Funnily enough, since Suit's wife died decades ago he's been trying(and failing) to spiritually contact her, but as you can see in his game he added mods to have sex with ghosts, so not only does Suit find ghosts sexually arousing, one could speculate that Suit finds his own wife dying and becoming a ghost to be hot. That's not even mentioning that the ghost in game represented Lexi / Robert, I wonder how Suit's dead wife would feel about his new e-bf. To be fair to Suit, Lexi / Robert was in the community for some time even donating hundreds and shilling hard for him.
Screenshot_2021-05-11 Retro React.png
Screenshot_2021-05-12 RR.png
Screenshot_2021-05-12 1️⃣ RealStream Sperg❔ ▪️ 2️⃣ RSN About Money❔ ▪️ 3️⃣ Queen to Expose RSN...png


I agree with Hypa, Suit should take his meds. Notice how Suit swoops down at the soonest chance to have e-sex with a fan of his repeatedly.

Suit's reaction from this was golden, having a full on breakdown over his allies not defending harder enough, mere hours after declaring legal warfare.

Even as an ally mild dissent or challenging Suit for falling for a catfish will get you a nearly 25 minute long rant even if you're one of his most valiant allies, constantly running defense for and protecting against from any criticism. Cog is a faggot who can't get shit right but it's Suit attacking him for not defending him as an ally. Note the hilarious disclaimer at 46:26 explaining Suit's meltdown was a result of trolling.

After this Suit uploaded a video "owning up" to the catfish finally. Here Suit immediately contradicts his earlier claims that Hypa was talking to Earjuice and co personally, saying it occurred on the public discord server despite no evidence. In what might be Suit's single most autistic moment, he decides to publicly sperg on the girl who the catfish was using the photos of, before claiming there was a grand conspiracy against himself because the girl blocked him, before ranting about the girl being an ungrateful whore claiming "Well, Melanie has blocked me for trying to be a decent human being and warn her about what you're doing". After this he unironically said to his catfish "Imagine this, you are truly a female, hot young single female" trying to explain how illogical it is the girl Suit himself creeped out blocked him for going on about a catfish.

Suit finally concluded that this entire thing was an Earjuice gayop using Kiwifarms users @Arm Pit Cream and The Gunts Ex-Partner / Eli to provoke Faith Vickers and her father into starting a crusade against him. This particularly makes no sense because Earjuice was in the server where Faith got groomed, and as such has been hesitant to talk about the allegations in length in part because of that.

Prior to all this, In 2018 Mark has made a song about how evil doxxxxers are and how discord servers for doxxxxing are evil.

Mark also made a song expressing his love for grifting people as their "e-fwend", seemingly not using a voice modulator for the first time ever. This song was meant to suck up to Daddy Jim and Papa Ralph by BTFOing Tonkasaw, funny how this highly applies to Mark seeing as he's physically disabled :deepthunk:

EarJuice / Kent Bowker, Cucked by Lowtax (Richard Kyanka)


Earjuice aka EJ aka Kent Bowker is an lighting specialist, musician / drama livestreamer ala Ethan Ralph based out of Brisbane, Australia formerly from New Zealand. Earjuice is best known for making Ethan Ralph / People's Populist Press themed parody music. Earjuice is a useless coward who despite having his e-gf & himself "threatened" he does absolutely nothing to stop it in any meaningful way besides calling for pathetic, one-sided truces, going to the extent to ignore Suit Yourself's enabling of pedophile and foolish homosexual behavior to save Earjuice's own ass. Earjuice was also cucked by former Something Awful owner, Lowtax aka Richard Kyanka. Earjuice was close to "Plate Gang", sharing a discord server with them where they hold mod roles, often denying his connection with them, despite his former co-host Stretch and Hephaestus being a part of it. Earjuice graduated from Griffith university with a bachelor's degree in education, he started at his dad Adrian's lighting business in 1999 as a lighting specialist, before in 2018 when he became the managing director. Earjuice goes to extreme lengths to astroturf his name as "Adrian" and even drunkly told the very King of Pol himself, Bryan Dunn, to spread it around. Kent is his name because that's what the website of the place where he works lists it as, Earjuice doesn't have kids either. Additionaly this is boosted by the fact that there's a picture of EJ's famous cat on his facebook which url says "Kent.Bowker".
fat ej.jpg

Skullkid stream (not important to watch but important for the overall lore)

Despite dating Mandy G for 13 months (aka December 2019 / Jan 2020), in October 2020 Mandy G was seen giving tons of donations(likely straight from EJ's pocket) and commenting constantly in Lowtax's 7 people snoozefest streams, still people on Kiwifarms began to notice how she never stopped interacting, donating or hanging around Richard, to the point multiple users noted how Richard was always trying to "hit Mandy G up". Seeing as she continued to hang around Lowtax, that would imply despite E-dating Earjuice she was getting with Lowtax as she was even called "Lowtax's most loyal fan", Suit himself implying to have spoken with Lowtax or an ex of Mandy's on the matter of her infidelity during her time with Kent. I generally wouldn't trust anything Suit says, but seeing as the pieces add up he seems to have a point for once. Based on how she interacted with Lowtax in addition to how she acts with men in general, it would seem to indicate Earjuice's e-girlfriend cheated on him with a pillhead, deadbeat dad loser who got #Metoo'd so hard by a BPD crackwhore it effectively made him lose control of his website, before which he was so stupid he couldn't even upgrade his forum, despite free help. This was while Lowtax was lying about his costs of running his website to grift his dumb paypigs until they ragequit on mass, leaving him with close to 1/50th his earning from just a year prior meaning by the time that Mandy G jumped on his dick there was nothing left to suck, leaving her to obviously go back to the man with a stable job. Earjuice has refused to properly fight back only dabbling with banter and light criticism near the start, despite that Mandy G continues to provoke his enemies directly against his wishes. Earjuice also won't talk about the fact that his relationship with Mandy overlaps with when she had a channel with her ex-boyfriend who she has alleged has "physically abused" her or the Lowtax stuff or that his claims of her only owning one necklace are proven untrue(a big part of the allegations is she makes her Exs buy her rings). Earjuice has been coward afraid to face the reality or properly address what's been attributed to his "girlfriend". Suit can be heard going into the allegations here. Cog talks about some of her exs here.

Earjuice absolutely coped by saying the picture on the right was when Mandy was dying
Screenshot_2021-05-12 (mandy) (from daftgunt) - Twitter Search Twitter(1).png

Screenshot_2021-05-12 (from daftgunt) (to onlypr3ttysure) - Twitter Search Twitter.png

This was posted on twitter to prove how Earjuice's E-gf looks more like the left then the right. And he believed it somehow.


"why did you refuse to turn any lights on when you recorded the video?"
Screenshot_2021-05-12 EarJuice Sparkles on Twitter.png

After getting exposed as having a "catfish"(using misleading pics, e-dating different men at the same time), EJ's 2/10 e-GF with filters used years old pictures. Earjuice rather then admitting how his e-girlfriend had a history of e-dating different men like a fat ass "homeless man" or allegedly Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka, he instead coped as hard as humanly possible, describing her as "super hot" or "crazy hot" acting as it was a logical assumption. This led to his E-gf publicly sucking him off, praising him constantly and suddenly posting her body all over social media to prove a point. Too bad she's using the fatgirl angle, yet somehow still looks like total dogshit, unfortunately vindicating Cog and Suit. That's not even talking about the weird similarities Mandy has between her ex-boyfriends, such as making them create Amberlynn Reid youtube channels, watch out Earjuice!
Screenshot_2021-05-12 (mandy) (from daftgunt) - Twitter Search Twitter.png


It's revealed in the leaked call prior the infamous show(we'll talk about later that the reason behind Earjuice's actions in defending Hypa and "simping" for her is because Mandy herself is pestering him about it despite nothing being there. Earjuice caused all of this to happen solely cause he's too much of a cuck to put his e-girlfriend in her place and assert that he demands basic trust from her.

As a whole Earjuice's reaction to Mandy misleading him is totally cucked and pathetic when he knows she cheated on him and he won't address it.



A New Challenger Approaches: Flamenco Jr? (Perspicacity)
I've seen a lot of people wondering why @Perspicacity has been sperging and the context into that, although I cannot explain the reasoning behind his autistic logic as People's Populist Press(PPP) capos are seen as autistic retards, even by their lord and savior Ashton Parks himself. Seeing as Perspicacity has inserted himself, he deserves a section and an explination.
Perspicacity is the lowest of the low, a youtuber commenter, turned aspergers voiced Z-celeb capo who appears on streams to "redpill" people on hot takes regarding Nick Fuentes being a federal agent, which kicked off "CapoGate", a movement which propelled the first actual dissent against Ashton Parks / PPP within his KF thread within well over 6 month of pure circlejerk. When people say "don't touch the poo", @Perspicacity reaches his hand in the toilet and plays with his own diarrhea by appearing on multiple streams with PPP and Godwinson, directing him along like the retards they are. This was to the point that Godwinson disavowed PPP and @Perspicacity over this, not producing any videos with either for some time.
@Perspicacity started this crusade by somehow bungling the Faith Vickers Suit Yourself related to drama to relate to his master's sworn enemy, Earjuice, calling into his show for 5 minutes attempting to accuse Earjuice of being involved in the alleged grooming of Faith Vickers within the Suit Yourself discord, swiftly getting the boot for being an autistic retard. So @Perspicacity called into a show regarding pedophile grooming allegations against Suit Yourself's community, then attempted turned it against the hosts themselves and totally embarrass himself as he essentially run interference for pedophile groomers and their enablers, although whether or not he did this intentionally is another question as accusing multiple people revealing this info of being pedophiles themselves is very strange. To counter this, @Perspicacity then began to claim other users were pedophiles to further muddy the waters. Why attempt to muddy the waters on such a serious topic? The guy just inserting himself into everything as hard as possible, even when it feels like every time he attempts doing so it backfires.

@Perspicacity then began his autistic crusade in general sperging on multiple profiles, in multiple threads, on multiple websites. He particularly targeted @White watcher, a silent villain, giving mean stickers and being a "Resetera tranny". He brought this from people who gave him negrates, to spamming their profiles with the same message, to sperging out in the lol look at this fag thread in supporters, then after getting banned from there + commenting on profiles he moved onto the Onionfarms lol look at this faggot thread, sperging out on Onionfarms user's profiles for days before coming to this very website to embarrass himself by starting off with that autistic shit. @Perspicacity's sole existence seems to be defending PPP and enacting autistic crusades against those who slight him. Even fat women in their 30s who run clip channels are mocking him on twitter, only for him to run and seethe.
His autistic crusade to ironically spampost continues.

Cognitive Thought aka Jonathan "Johnny" Harison
Screenshot_2021-04-27 i am (from purepolicecams) - Twitter Search Twitter.pngfull_52.png
many faces of cog.png

Cognitive Thought aka Cog aka Jonathan "Johnny" Harison is a quarter jewish Manchester based cuckold drama streamer scumsucker, being an inbred anglo with a wife who goes to gay bars for the """cheap drinks""" when he isn't defending pedophiles, while moralizing about how bad they are in the next breath; Cog is the very definition of ingenuine and dishonest. Despite being one of the more irrelevant people in this entire trashfire full of liars, Cog still manages to tell the most lies bar none, while pushing his anti-Earjuice agenda as hard as possible(EarJuice bad anybody shitting on him good). Cog is arguably best known for hosting the legendary screaming match between Dispatch of Bitwave and Ethan Ralph of the Killstream, where you can hear Cog sucking up to Ralph as hard as humanly possible. Sadly for Cog, this e-relationship didn't last long as they ended up yelling "cuck" at each other during a stream.
All Cog cares about is setting the narrative and taking down his enemies such as Ethan Ralph or Earjuice, regardless of the truth. A recent example of this would be when he lied about the fact that Mandy G was modded in his youtube chat. Cog not only repeatedly and intentionally lied about Faith's age while she was getting "groomed" in Suit's discord during December 2018, but thought that bitching about Kiwifarms and then lying saying she was 17 would somehow make her getting groomed by men twice her age while Suit encouraged it was any better? It's very apparent Cog has no morals and bases his opinions on pettiness.
When Suit fucks up and goes too far, Cog is always there to tard wrangle Suit back into a more "rational" position, in this case Cog fucked up by jokingly calling Mandy a groomer as bait which Suit took as a go ahead. Cog is effectively Suit's handler and pointman, only breaking rank to mock Suit for falling in love with a guy, before he got a slap on the wrist.

Cogs streams on Earjuice / Suit drama

Cog talks a lot of shit for some guy who puked all over himself, so drunk he can't help by flail around like a vegetable, privating it soon after like a coward sweeping it up. He's a very serious and princpled chap.
burpy boy.png


Despite Cog's unending hateboner for Ralph dating back years now, covering everything related to Ralph that could damage him, everything related to Faith and even topics as taboo as Faith being raped as a 12yo. Cog is clearly not afraid to stretch his 3 hour streams to include some Ralph content, covering Matthew Vicker's blog for hours, no matter how dark or personal so long as it damages Ralph. Yet, despite the fact that Faith Vickers, his arch nemesis's former lover and mother of his child, was groomed via discord and further contributed to the situation regarding Ralph, for the first time Cog ignored Matthew Vicker's websites updates, What a strange time to pick.
Screenshot_2021-04-07 Tweets with replies by Pure Police Cams ( PurePoliceCams) Twitter.png


In fact, Cog would rather discuss Faith Vickers being raped and molested as a 12 year old for hours, then even bring up the fact that she may have been groomed in Cog's friend's server. Cog may attempt to change his argument and move the goalpost, but from the start he's ran defense for Suit since the very start to the hardest extent. The second any allegations come out against his enemies he attempts to spin that narrative as quickly as possible even if he has facts indicating against those allegations.
Screenshot_2021-04-28 faith (from purepolicecams) - Twitter Search Twitter(2).pngScreenshot_2021-04-28 faith (from purepolicecams) - Twitter Search Twitter(1).png
Screenshot_2021-04-28 faith (from purepolicecams) - Twitter Search Twitter.png


Cog is an actual cuck too, when you run his face through fancy imaging software, you can actually find him on a popular UK swingers dating website called "Busymatch" wearing the same suit like a fucking moron, notably that picture not being found anywhere else. Suit yourself as they say :^)
ahahaha oho no no no no no.png

Twists abound, a One Sided Truce
After all this, you would assume that even with his losses, Earjuice would have won. Despite that Suit is certainly the bigger lolcow, he was able to accept the fact he was catfished and can admit to it in some way, ending his relationship with Robert. Yea, Suit copes, makes bullshit excuses, but at least he isn't totally delusional regarding his love life. At this point tired from all the drama resulting from this, Earjuice went to Suit to propose a final truce. This was a mistake as the people within his server, particularly Plate Gang but not exclusively, saw it as cucky betrayal to be so willingly drop the Faith Vickers conversation despite the fact that what Suit had allowed was wrong. This turned into a larger divide as key Plate Gang members were either kicked out or left Earjuice's community. Realizing the change in situation, Earjuice consitently cucking and seeing an oppurtunity, Plate Gang nuked Earjuice's server after relentlessly trolling him on air, making him look like an ass and deleting atleast a year of lore archiving. Sadly the original version got falseflagged allegedly by Ewen pretending to be some autist featured within(one of Mandy's exs), so only the Cog copy exists right now.

You can see the saga up to this point, a few extra points, some schizo retard shit and more coverage of the server being deleted here

Earjuice's stated reason in all of this was to protect his E-gf Mandy, but one could argue he was protecting himself from the truth. As should occur, this backfired hard and only caused people to dig deeper on Mandy G. One of Mandy's ex is a guy called SockyTheReal / Ewen who allegedly stalks her and acts weird in general to Earjuice, showing off hints of Mandy's past. Mandy+EJ call this guy a groomer in return. The conversation Mandy is alluding to Ewen being a groomer with what was a 16yo girl named Pencil Cookie who later debunked this herself and by those standards Mandy would be a groomer to for talking to the same 16yo asking for hangover advice. Mandy started deleting the tweets claiming she didn't know Pencil Cookie, before Mandy threw out the groomer allegation at Cog, in addition to messaging her e-bf's enemy Cog denying it and legally threatening Cog after showing off a restraining order she got on her Ex. This was after she accused everybody in that reply chain of being her ex Ewen, this bitch is fucking crazy.
Screenshot_2021-04-28 Onlypr3ttysure on Twitter.pngScreenshot_2021-04-28 Mr Bathory on Twitter.png

Some of Mandy's reaction can be explained by the fact when one of these people attack, their entire side attacks, so anywhere you see Cog Suit will poppup too, and viceversa. In this case Suit immediately deflected the fact that he had a 16yo groomed in his server which she herself later denounced(well worth the read) as paramount to leaving her suspectible to grooming not to mention allowing a minor in a NSFW 18+ section repetaedly by accusing Mandy of being a groomer with out evidence, before deleting the tweet like a pussy, only to create a tweet pointing out the hypocrisy, bravo Mark!

"Anybody who thinks sexually when they hear about a minor, well there's some thing wrong with your brain! There's a fuckload of projection"

Earjuice as talked about before how Mandy claims this guy has stalked her for years now through socks, but hasn't provided evidence. Apparently after 18 days of dating this guy in March 2019(while cheating on her ex Dana, despite making videos with Dana during this), she was asking 16yo Pencil Cookie if she could be her maid of honor and declaring her love for "Socky" before breaking up in July. In fact, later into Cog's stream on Mandy, a caller-in claims to have been sent Mandy's nudes before and that others have also received it. Mandy's "homeless" ex was posting in the chat too


Screenshot_2021-04-28 Cuck Wars - Ethan Ralph vs Cognitive Thought(1).png

Cog's stream showing all the DMs, along with talking to the former 16yo Pencil Cookie. It has the timeline for Mandy's exs.

Most embarassingly, the lord and savior of Internet Bloodsports itself, the king of /pol/, the man himself, Bryan Dunn descended from his throne of shadows and returned from his absense simply to knock sense into the naive Earjuice.

Take the schizopill, all of these faggots work together, talk with eachother and attempt to keep this drama off their plate. It's a conspiracy of the highest degree, held betweeen multiple scandalous parties with skeletons in the closet to hide. To the smallest detail everything must be question for it's motive and reason. Even for example SayNoToGeno who made that amazing Suit Catfish video released the leaked Earjuice VC on the same day Suit released his "Rewind", there are no coincidences, trust no one!

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Arm Pit Cream

🌊💪🏻🌴White Boy Summer Has Commenced🍹🤜🌊
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Confrimed Drama Goblin
I feel like I'm missing a lot of context here, but breddy gud OP.
It's a bit more niche for sure, it's very irrelevant youtube e-celebs but basically all you have to know is their actions relating to this entire ordeal by and large. I'm personally a big fan of EarJuice's musical remixes, they're kino
The passage explaining why @Perspicacity is such an assblasted faggot is the only interesting part.
BTW, are you still denying you're Arm Pit Cream? Only he's enough of an autistic no-life to put something like this together so good job blowing your cover.
Or I had multiple people help me with this?
Also everybody else getting catfished and sperging over it is pretty hilarious. Just cause you don't care about people doesn't make their retarded actions less funny.


Probably black IRL
Person of Interest
Guntwave is baste, Perspi is right about the Troonstream they even had to be wordfiltered on /cow/.
I feel like I'm missing a lot of context here, but breddy gud OP.
New project 2 the SimpSpiracy, the corpse of bloodsports being masquerading in the visage of EarJuice, Cog, PPP Godwinson and Ethan Ralph.
Imagine living in a country populated entirely by millions of Arm Pit Cream’s.

It doesn’t bare thinking about does it?
If they're like @Pho that'd be a ok by me.

Arm Pit Cream

🌊💪🏻🌴White Boy Summer Has Commenced🍹🤜🌊
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Confrimed Drama Goblin
How long until the Mandy nudes leak? She's sent them to dozens of people even though she's disgusting.

Arm Pit Cream

🌊💪🏻🌴White Boy Summer Has Commenced🍹🤜🌊
Person of Interest
Confrimed Drama Goblin
This Mandy is a different one than the schizo one who ised to date Shmorky, correct? Because I was a little confused at first.
No there's two Mandys, that one lived with Shmorky. Mandy G is an orbiter of Lowtax's who would paypig him, she's crazy but more manipulative.