SevenAteNine / 789 - APPRECIATION THREAD --Lolcow Mystery Character -- is it a bot? an insane tranny?? A real wamens???

What is 789?

  • Insane tranny

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • AI chatbot

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • 100 percent real wamens

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Cow Poly

Clowntown nigga
Not much is known about this mysterious Internet character that is online 24/7. Said to be a horse-woman with multiple children in central Pennsylvania. Sounds made up to me. The readers will decide what we are dealing with here..... Meet 789 ....
Screenshot (1313).png

Why did six run away from seven? Would anyone like to take a stab at that? Anyone??
It's because SEVEN ATE NINE!

789 is the only Facebook mom ("mom") that ever fell out the sky and for some reason landed on the wrong website. It is truly a special thing.



This is in-between angry shut-ins posting about how they want Ethan Ralph to die but ... you know... it isnt really THAT off-topic when you think about it.
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. :deepthunk:

Simping for Janny Josh .... is that part of the programming? Or HRT side-effects? Could it be a menopausal symptom?

more cringe.png

...well my dear .... I certainly couldn't.

Horse discussion
Part of being in the lolcow commmunity is discussing your collection of horses.... I mean who doesn't like horses?

horse advice.jpg

Screenshot (1223).png

(Ok I don't know what that is tbh) Esoteric Equusism gets very complicated very quickly)

All I can tell you is that this has something to do with a horse-dick.

Is this a bot?

bot evidence.png


If it is.... it needs to be redpilled. We're working on it I assure you.
Screenshot (1291).png

*All alogs must ask the Hand-of-the-King if they wish to coom*
789 more coomin.png

Whatever this beautiful creature may be .... Detective 789 is on the case....
detective 789.png

Editor's note: this is not a hate-thread. The S0ns 0f H@rut!us have great love for this mystery character and humbly wish to catalog its activity.
Please don't clean it up Daddy Sig ... plz plz plz Daddy we'll be good we promise. We are just bored because our king, Based Tom in rehab.
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Punished a-log

Destroying Null one PPP repost at a time.
Ethan Ralph's Personal Paypig Sissy Boy
I can't believe naught did it again.