Sara Trombonista Seitelman/William Dunsparce Davenport

Bob Barker
I've been with fat girls before. And when I say fat, I don't mean like a couple extra pounds fat, I mean about 300-400 lbs girls. The kind that have that have grown a distended appendage from their gut that could literally be used to hold objects. With these girls their vag is ambiguous as fuck. You can't really tell where the actual vagina begins or ends. Like you have all the makings of the traditional hole, but they're like all stretched out and extended because of their fat. And at the same time everything is all discolored and looks like a gigantic taint because of the stretched skin. Like on a thin girl you will see a pout, slim vagina, but on a girl as obese as AL you will see something that looks like it could swallow worlds.

When you get down to business, though, what you find is that it sorta narrows down like a funnel made of adipose. I don't have the biggest piece in the world, so entry with larger ladies has always been a chore. doggy is completely out of the question. Their ass fat creates a second barrier and I have found myself humping their funnel or sliding around their fupa several times. Like i will think I am doing great and then they ask "are you in there?" and I realize that I am disappointing the big girl and just sort of deflate and go limp.

That said, I am not surprised that she has an ultra tight vag, I am sure that she has tried some longer membered African gentlemen and been disappointed because it has to take a dong larger than a ruler to drill all the way to the point of entry. Some probably think they have, but they were just humping an outer layer lubed by sweat.

Snowstorm Sunrise

There’s nowhere without gods on that side either.