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Poll - Did Byuu kill himself?


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General Tugboat

Waffen tier shit poster and retard wrangler
He is probably in some type of 72 hour dilation session, meanwhile babbling about clock cycles for long dead gaming consoles. Scribbling raw byte code into the padding of his stray jacket as CIA Nigger rams a piston up his shit box.

General Tugboat

Waffen tier shit poster and retard wrangler
This whole process of people supporting the emulator faggot just goes to show how brain dead the tranny hate mob can be. Literally will go out of their way to deflect in every possible situation, because in their mentality polluted minds they never delve anywhere beyond seeing retweets to support the narrative.

I did feel bad for the emulator faggot, only because the dude seemed to be geniniely fucked in the mind, but he was his own worst enemy. Just like the rest of the Troon alliance, hence why the 41 percent meme makes me giggle like a school girl.

Though the lore behind the entire thread that started it all was some of the funniest shit that I have read in a long time. The centrifuge of autism in the last 48 hours has been remarkable and it will only get funnier.