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Who's the bigger faggot?

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the tale of {o}P the serail socker is one which has stretched (much like his asshole) across many sites from (onion farms) to here at [do not link directly use] , if you search for unban {o}P on kiwifarms these are the results, ({o}P&o=relevance)
Now you may find yourself asking how in the fuck did this begin? Well that's very astute of you kind reader.
"A man deprived of his chat" {o}P
Every month sometimes every week {o}P would make an account wherin he'd ask why he was b& all the while he rightfully admonished the over moderation of kiwi farms, (
This led to his temporary ban becoming a permanent ban.
The user below {o}P is an elder of onion farms who flew to close to the sun and burnt out on internet famous cows, the pair decided to share accounts in a desperate bid to get banned and possibly have some fun, pink panther the user who lent {o}Phis account sent nool an angry email since nool is prone to lying about banned users he said one of them was responsible for a slew of gore spam.
due to {o}P and other posters of varied quality being b& left right and center by nool and power hungry mods, a bona fide oldfag @The Fool was struck with a lovely notion which I found ironic since @The Fool was b& shortly after and migrate over to the current iteration of onion farms (which existed but not in its current form, it was known as and now
pic related: credit to @wtfeasymode

This time he asks with a please, (
He mad, (
Which leads us to the individual who's incurred the "wrath" of :opeed: {o}P user @Kengle
When I encountered him in a thread on onionfarms I pointed out the similarity between him @Kengle and @Princess Little Piddles to my shock Ken replied with "thats my fear" (

here, payup.
Note: I might make a proper thread on {o}P.
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Probably black IRL
Person of Interest
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