"You're gonna look so good on my ass. You're gonna make such a nice horse flank. All of the other horses are gonna love my big fat ass after I digest Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, and she becomes ass fat."

Null / Joshua Conner Moon / IbanZ / IbanX / Iban / Ichverbot / CityRPG / Not Important / n-tech / Job4_2 / PumpedUpKicks / KiwiNull / King Janny


"You're a pathetic, dangerous man-child, angry at the world for your own pathetic failures. This is but one of your brief moments where you act like you're conked out on drugs or something and you start pretentiously playing the victim card and offering bullshit explanations to foster a pity-defense. Yes, you are extremely pitiable. You're poor. You're ugly. You're fat. You've never had a normal relationship in your life. Your grandparents are disgusted with you. You flunked high school. Hell, despite all your contributions, you're too much of a freak to properly fit in an internet community full of teenagers."



Joshua "Null" Moon / IbanZ / IbanX / Iban / Ichverbot / CityRPG / Not Important / n-tech / Job4_2 / PumpedUpKicks / KiwiNull / King Janny

Null, owner of Kiwi Farms, real name name Joshua Connor Moon is a cow you've probably all heard of and possibly even directly interacted with. He has been a major internet figure for well over a decade and first came into the scene as a player of the game Runescape as a young teenager. While there is no documented history from this era of his life, he was a prolific figure within the Blockland community not long after, a game of similar style to Minecraft and Roblox, frequently posting within its forum and serving as a developer of the popular mod "CityRPG".
It is immediately apparent he was a nuisance based on the amount of alt accounts he had created over time alone. Going by the names of IbanZ, IbanX, Iban, Ichverbot, CityRPG, and Not Important (Each of which he paid a crisp $20 for), he was notorious for being an insufferable prick to everyone and anyone he interacted with, constantly complaining about... something, and having strange, disturbing, and outright bizarre antics. The developer and administrator of the game BadSpot himself had referred to Josh as an "Established Retard" and the most anti-fun person he had ever witnessed.
146492iban1.png 146492iban2.png
For 5-6 years Josh had played Blockland and posted on the forums, only departing when he decided to move to different pastures. Not greener ones. At his peak Josh maintained an average of 124 posts a day on the forums.
One of his accounts, Ichverbot, only existed for a total of three days before being permanently banned by BadSpot for Josh voicing his wishes for another user's children to burn to death.
A control freak and total creep, Joshua often spoke with an air of superiority, unwarranted of course, insulting other players and subjecting them to his own set of standards.
His CityRPG mod contained backdoors that he could use to become a "super administrator" on any server he wanted via the simple command of /togadmin and an internal Name check. Its not hard to imagine he's done it with other pieces of his work, either.
Within his own servers he would ban players for using Apple products, his hatred of the company readily apparent by looking at his profile picture.
Away from the game he would commonly argue with other users on the forum, becoming a de facto antagonist of it, one spoken of as their own proto-lolcow. One of his most creepy moments was the archival of other users personal information that he would store for future doxing and blackmailing opportunities. One such thread, "Post your face pictures", was one he downloaded files from and posted himself in.
Female users in particular were disturbed by his presence. Known to live in Florida, users would joke about Josh personally visiting users at their houses and raping/kidnapping them. Other users from Florida had voiced their concerns living within 100 miles of Josh.
He would powerlevel and BAWWWW constantly, crying about how he felt unloved by everyone in his life and his yearning to go on a shooting rampage, killing his parents as well.
At an early point in his Blockland days, he made a thread detailing his hated of his mother and desire to kill her.
Screenshot_2021-01-26 I think I want to kill my mom .png

His famous line about masturbating to neko shota, young cat boys, a "gay phase" he had been going through, and events such as his house and belongings, cat included, being destroyed in a house fire are some of the other topics that had been brought up by Josh.
A normally tragic event for most, Josh voiced satisfaction at the death of his cat, referring to it as "Mercy killing" for a creature old and frail.


But perhaps his most prolific drama on the forum was with a female user by the name of Stocking.
Now, let's set something straight here. Both Josh and Stocking are massive attention whores and caused much drama within the community, but Stocking felt pity for a suicidal and pathetic Josh and continued to communicate with him, even after all of the ways he had threatened, insulted, and publicly humiliated her. She attempted to wrangle the tard, and the tard was having NONE of it. Josh made multiple posts and threads about his interactions with Stocking which no one had asked for, and of course making her out to be the villain of the situation. Whether Josh is the reason the Blockland forums has a drama board is a mystery, but he certainly breathed life into it.

Stocking herself had a vore fetish and would frequently ERP with Josh, of course ending with him in her stomach. At one point Josh had spent $200 to commission vore art for Stocking and around $100 in additional gifts, totaling $300, not including the $120 he spent on new accounts. This doesn't include the years worth of vore stories he wrote himself for stocking during his time talking to her.

At the time of their conversations, Stocking had been 15 and Josh 17/18? Josh has been inconsistent with this figure.
When he wasn't being consumed physically and mentally by Stocking, he was viciously against her, posting threads in public about his qualms with her and even going so far as to program his mod, CityRPG, to make her messages and presence on Blockland servers invisible, silently. A shadowban that no other users could opt out of. At one point he threatened to rape, chop her body up into pieces, and leave her to starve to death alone. His excuse? "I was really angry that day".

His most famous thread "Joshua Moon and Personal Agendas" created by Stocking herself, fed up with his narcissism and self-pity, documented his antics within the community.


"I remember after he found out my last name, he said that he'd show up to my house while I was at school, shoot my dad, and wait for me to get home. Then he'd subdue me, cut off each individual digit with a knife heated in hot grease so that it'd cauterize as it cut and I wouldn't bleed out. Then he'd cut off my clitoris and my labia, and then rape my ass until I shat myself. Then he'd just leave me to starve to death or something once all my appendages and my genitals were sliced off and he'd beaten me sufficiently."

"I was really mad that day." - Josh

Feeling as though Stocking was his own personal property, he didn't take kindly to other, better males firing up the chat.
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"Three days ago, January 23rd 2016, Joshua and I ate pizza and watched King of the Hill. He was talking about how he had gained weight and it was hard to find clothes for people his size here, so I showed him one of my favorite episodes — Husky Bobby, from Season 2."

"We were waiting to go to Katipunan to pick up Modafinil — an alternative to Adderall, which was what he really wanted, and even went so far as to ask Ron in Japan how to acquire. The guy with it texted me, “sorry, I can’t get there until 7PM. Is that OK?” It wasn’t OK for Josh."

"His apartment was full of empty two liters of Coke Zero, spilled coffee and other garbage, I offered to get him a professional cleaning service and I even had my personal assistant Mochi clean up after him multiple times when he refused because he didn’t want strange people around. When the donations stopped coming, I handed him a bag of cash, told him it was an anonymous Bitcoin donation but it was really me. When I was going to Japan on a trip planned way in advance, I didn’t want him to feel left out so I asked if he could come along. I helped him arrange two job offers in the small tech sector in a third world country — both of which paid more than I make — and he refused both."
- A Story By Hotwheels

A man had a dream.
A dream of an imageboard. One to rule them all.
One of user board creation and uncucked administration.

Actually, he was high off weed, and his name was Fredrick "Hotwheels" Brennan (Also known as "Kikewheels" and/or "Cripplekike" for his later betrayal of the community, a reoccurring theme with these people, huh? You'll learn more later), a previous resident of the "incel" NEET imageboard Wizardchan. 8chan was the creation of a high episode, and one made in response to the declining state of 4chan, subjected to Gamergate drama and an influx of low quality users not privy to the sites culture and history.
The site maintained a higher quality userbase than 4chan for many years, but saw its death at the hands of its incompetent, malicious administrators:
  • Hotwheels - The wheelchair-bound man who gave birth to the idea of 8chan. His legacy now is one of a person who betrayed his community and had broken the trust between him and the anonymous collective.
  • Josh - The man? you all know and love. A friend of Hotwheels and in the beginning claimed to be the chosen one who could bring 8chan to greatness. Turned out to be an abysmal developer who leaked IPs and sabotaged other software to get his way.
  • Jim - A grimy businessman who had taken over 8chan's finances and later full operation out of necessity. A self-described freemason and pig farmer. The main competitor of Hiroyuki, the current owner of 4chan. The main antagonist of Josh aside from Vordy.
Josh was brought onboard early in time, touting his skills and ability to create Infinity Next, the software behind 8chan. A friend of Josh and understanding the state of 8chan, Hotwheels handed the drivers seat to Josh, a decision that he and the rest of the community would soon come to regret.

Let's see how it went!

The IRC logs:
Josh had maliciously tampered with the source code of the original software, Vichan, to never delete posts within the database, destroying performance and "eating" posts, meaning that when you had submitted a post, there was a good chance it would fail to become visible and you'd have to submit it again. This was Josh's work to push his own imageboard software forward, and Lo and Behold!, Hotwheels removing Josh's shitty code made it work nicely again!

To make Infinity Next he received a $12,000 donation from Hotwheels. Anonymously.
The software was a disaster. The money of course was never seen again.

Used 8chan? You would've had your IPs possibly stored for years alongside your posts and additional information (Like your browser user agent).
Did the community know about this? Nope, but I'd bet Josh did. He was a close friend and worker with Hotwheels.

However, Josh stated in a farewell post on medium that he left because of backdoors.
Truth or fiction? May have been a reason he left, but certainly not the only one.
Josh had many of his own security problems too:
Kiwifarms did this too, actually, but we'll look into that at a later time.
Passwords were stored in plaintext (Image has some other funny info about Jim as well)
Leaking user IPs again:

Aside from Josh 8chan deserves its own thread documenting its batshit insane administration and operation. Might make for a good future project.
Some juicy /cow/ moments through time:
Oldfag sticker sperging + Josh's hugbox protection
Internet tough guy persona with other imageboard developers Stephen Lynx and Drybones (Both of which who are still successful to this day)
Nice little observation on Josh's pattern of behavior + some talk of him even trying to host fucking Wizardchan too
"If I don't get this lolcow, NO ONE DOES!"
Past CWCki admin KatsuKitty's extreme butthurt over being banhammered from another lolcow forum.
Trolls impersonate Josh with his old Blockland name killing over 9000 students:
ome updates in 2017 on Josh's chat logs:
TK1.jpg TK3.jpg

And perhaps the funniest of all, the time Josh felt as though he was hunted by bikers:
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Probably black IRL
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Null vs. The Autistic Legion of Doom

Null — or, when the spirit moves him, Ichverbot — launched Kiwifarms.net in early 2015 as a more robust continuation of CWCkie Forums. That year, he was also given the opportunity to revamp 8chan but couldn’t deliver, a failure for which he has received no end of online grief. A glance at Null’s ED page will give you a sense of how he’s esteemed within trolldom.
For an exhaustive tour of Null’s online fuckery, see the blog of his arch-nemesis, Samuel Collingwood Smith (aka Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General, and Vordrak). Keep in mind that Smith is one of Kiwi Farms’ favorite lolcows and can justly be said, in troll parlance, to have a throbbing “hateboner” for Null. Some of Smith’s claims are utterly outrageous and backed by weak or misleading evidence, while others are quite credible.
Although Smith, a former member of British Parliament (yes, you read that correctly), has a history of accusing political and media opponents of pedophilia, his tarring of Null may not be entirely unjustified. This is because of some rather vile content posted to 16chan, which Null owns.
If 4chan is social media’s underbelly and 8chan is the lint caked in its navel, then 16chan is the antibiotic-resistant bacterium nestled inside said lint. The pasteboard, which is now offline, hosted groups for pedophiles, the most notorious being /phile/, where users gathered to share child-rape fantasies and homemade illustrations thereof. Smith holds Null responsible for this content, believing him to be a genuine pedophile.
But that’s not quite fair. The libertarian philosophy that Null professes compels him to host forums with as few restrictions as possible under U.S. law, regardless, presumably, of whether he endorses the content shared by users. Whether Null is earnest in his philosophy or has merely constructed it ex post to facilitate pedophile community building is anyone’s guess. If genuinely sourced, his ED page provides reason to suspect the latter. (For example, an alleged taste for “neko shota” and “lolli.” (Don’t Google.)). But I cannot stress enough how big an IF that is.
What’s clear, however, is that Null and Vordrak are obsessed with one another. While Vordrak’s blog is filled with pedantic diatribes against Null and his Kiwi compatriots, Kiwi Farms is likewise glutted with threads about Vordrak. Both Null and Vordrak seem happy to appropriate the other’s methods, though Null has a small army of shitlords to increase his firepower.
Vordrak is not alone, however, in his quest to destroy Kiwi Farms. He appears to be in league with a number of other notable lolcows hell-bent on shutting down the site, and k-farmers refer to these people collectively as the Autistic Legion of Doom. Legion “members” set up a wiki (now defunct) named after Null’s mother and dedicated to doxxing and harassing Null and his extended family—and, of course, chronicling his online behavior. Allegedly, people in the legion’s orbit have fabricated terrorist threats in Null’s name, harassed his mother’s employer until she was fired, sent Null death threats, and even accused him of burning a Quran in hopes of inspiring some radical to attack him.
At the same time, Vordrak and others, including Margaret Pless, have also received death threats from k-farmers. The sending of such threats was no doubt made easier when Null set up an anonymous email service on Kiwi Farms. K-farmers claim that the legion has utilized the service to tar their name and send death threats, while Vordrak and crew claim the opposite. Obviously, both claims can be simultaneously true. Regardless of who the guiltier party may be, Null says that his email service has earned him at least one visit from the FBI.
The rivalry between Null and Vordrak is a perfect illustration of what René Girard terms the “mimetic double bind.” As he explains in Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World:
In rivalry, everyone occupies all the positions, one after another and then simultaneously, and there are no longer any distinct positions…Everything that one of the partners to violence experiences, thinks about, or carries into action at a given moment, will sooner or later become observable in the other partner. In the last analysis, there is nothing that can be said of any one partner that must not be said about all partners without exception. There is no longer any way of differentiating the partners from one another. This is what I call the relationship of doubles.
In other words, hatred between rivals blurs individuality. The longer Null’s and Vordrak’s mimetic dance lasts, the more they will come to resemble each other.
Null appeared on the January 17, 2017, episode of The Dick Show (“Dick on Shaved Ice”), the podcast of masculinist provocateur Dick Masterson. During the interview, Null discusses his vision for Kiwi Farms, along with several anecdotes of feuds he’s been drawn into:
Dick: “What does your site do? And how do you justify it to the world? Cause the idea of it is kind of horrifying to me. Like, putting up people’s pictures they put online, basically researching everything they do online and putting it up. The idea of it is horrifying, but there’s no way to stop it…You can’t get yourself off of it; how do you keep yourself from getting on it in the fucking first place?”
Null: “We do remove content in a specific situation, and it usually involves a person being a minor, or the person not being funny. And that’s completely up to my discretion. I’ve removed threads about 10 times out of about 1,500. And I don’t have to justify it. I don’t owe an explanation to anybody. It’s not against the law.”

Donny Long (whose real name is Donald Carlos Seoane) is a retired porn actor who became known a few years ago for founding Porn WikiLeaks, a wiki website that revealed the real names of other porn actors. Donny denied being the founder, but one look at his own article on the site (archive) suggests otherwise. His is the only article that isn't insulting or revealing. Whereas every other article lists the subject's real name and calls them a "pornographic whore and hooker," Long is "a pornographic god and hero, porn director, porn production company owner, porn studio owner, porn webmaster, super porn star extraordinaire and porn star retiree."

Long is a convicted felon with multiple offenses to his name, and he eventually fled to Thailand after making too many enemies in the United States. Screenshots exist, but there are too many to put in a single message, so I'll put them in a second one. You can find that here.
He has a page on a site called The Real Porn WikiLeaks that's been blanked. However, the history's still there, and it goes into pretty extensive detail about him. Parts of it could be fabricated, and I couldn't find evidence to support some of their claims, but it's still an interesting read.
There's a shit-ton of info here, but here's some of the juicier bits:
  • Donny runs a scam site called XXXFilmJobs.com (NSFW). Signing up there isn't recommended because if he gets pissed off at you for any reason, he'll create a wiki page about you and make shit up about you and your family.
  • He's a misogynist and an abuser of women.
  • He may or may not be a pedophile who fled the US to Thailand for this reason. The site claims that he posts pictures of underage children to his websites and that he goes by the name "Farang khi-nok" in Thailand. I googled that, though, and nothing relevant came up. So that's either a fabrication, or relevant data's been scrubbed.
  • According to them, Donny also may be into necrophilia.
  • He's a stalker and an internet predator whose victims include minors. He makes fictitious derogatory claims about said minors, and buy domains in their names to post these claims.
  • He's a compulsive liar who slanders people who don't fall for his bullshit. He's been known to harass people's families, too.
  • In addition to having the mental age of a child, Donny creates multiple Twitter accounts and has conversations with himself to project the illusion that he's popular. He buys bot followers for the same reason.
  • He's been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, meaning that he's a legit sociopath.
  • He got himself banned from Encyclopedia Dramatica
  • According to industry sources, Donny allegedly contracted HIV from a transsexual he meet at a bar, then turned around and tried to blame it on the porn industry. After trying to forge his AIM tests to get work he was blackballed out of the industry and he vowed revenge.
  • He had to buy a Thai wife because no women would willingly sleep with him. He pimps her out regularly, and beats her.
The article was blanked and the pictures were deleted because Donny cut an "information sharing" deal with the site owner (archive). As of 2015, he's also known to be affiliated with Marc Rendazza, a known pedophile rights activist.

He went pretty quiet for a couple years (with some people even speculating that he had died) before resurfacing in late 2015. However, he's maintained a website and a blog that he kept updated on occasion during his absence (NSFW). His blog posts are mostly TL;DR shit, but he raves about how shitty Thailand is, and his ex-wife. He claims to hate Thailand because of their shitty laws regarding child sex crimes, and the fact that his daughter was in danger of being forced into prostitution. That'd be reasonable...if there weren't rumors that Donny's been involved in child sex trafficking himself (archive).

In addition, he and ex-pornstar Monica Foster seem to have a relationship similar to a pair of high school exes. They dated at one point (according to The Real Porn Wikileaks), but now they regularly take shots at each other. Monica's actually responsible for writing some of the content I've linked throughout this thread, so there's the possibility that she's just being a bitter cunt. However, Donny seems mentally unstable enough that Monica's catty posts could still have some credence to them. Apparently, he flew off the handle after Monica left him for a black guy (details below).

Presently, Donny does cam shows on his site. I've only gone to one of them, and only stayed there for a few minutes before getting bored. It was really awkward. Based on the testimonies of others, the shows are always like this.

He's also active on Facebook and Twitter
UPDATE 4/17/2016: As you can see above, Donghead now has his own page on the Lolcow Wiki. It's still a work in progress, but I think it's coming along nicely. He gives me a lot to work with. The only hard part is separating fact from fiction. The porn industry in general seems to be full of lolcows, and it's sometimes hard to differentiate between what's real and what's just mudslinging.

UPDATE 4/27/2016: @poser exposer is a former pornographic actor himself and backs up the previous claim that Donny's got HIV. According to him, Donny was explicitly stated to have HIV by the former owner of AIM, a company which tested pornographic actors for STDs. He says that the above image is indeed real. Donny's own HIV diagnosis is allegedly what started his whole crusade against the industry as a whole.

Disregard that. Poser Exposer, aka Eddie Dzial, ended up being just as nuts as Donny, if not more so. He now has a thread of his own.

UPDATE 4/29/2016: It's finally happened. Donny's shown up on the Farms (@God Long Army General). His first post in this thread here. Note that there's no immediate conformation that it's him, but Chris was less obvious when masquerading as "JenkinsJinkies." It's fucking him. He also admitted that he was gay: Disregard that, it was just a mod editing his posts.

This account got a temp ban, so he came back the following day as @I hate Faggots and continued to chimp some more.

If we're to believe the narrative, these accounts are owned by two different people, neither of whom are Donny. That's bullshit, but regardless, Donny has still made it clear that he's aware of the site and this thread. Apparently @Null sold Kiwi Farms to Donny's archenemy Mark Spiegler:

UPDATE 2/15/2017: After a long period of stagnation, it appears that Donny is working with Vordrak to try and get the Farms taken down again. Not 100% sure what the hell is going on yet, but someone has registered a Twitter account in Null's mom's name and bought a domain with the intent of harassing her, Null, and her former employers. There's been a lot of speculation on whether or not this is truly Donny's work or if it's Eddie Dzial trying to impersonate Donny to frame him. The M.O. and typing style match Donny pretty well, though, and Eddie has been shown in the past to be pretty shit at pretending to be other people. With that in mind, looks like Donny hasn't gotten over his grudge against the Farms.

You don't have to be an expert forensics officer to deduce the next:

1- As previously stated by the OP, his M.O. is consistent with Donny's (Meaning he IS Donny).

2- His style of writing is also consistent with Donny's style. Dead giveaway: The use of the word "Cause"; he uses the word "Cause" for opening his sentences (Compare his Donald Trump tweet with the bad impression of Null's mom).

3- His wording. In both instances (Prior tweets and this fake account shit), he denotes hatred towards homosexuals. Not only are both accounts (Donny's and Null's mom) actively aggressive against gays, but they also consider the state of being gay as a disadvantage. This, is another dead giveaway.

4- The very same fact that both, Donny and Null's mom use twitter to voice their opinions. The fact that the account's name is "Candice Potter" is one of the most obvious giveaways. He obviously named it that way so that Null's mom's boss and coworkers can "easily find her info online".

About the AIDS/HIV thing, I think it is pretty obvious he is infected. What he says about the porn industry's inner workings (The date of his retirement announcement and his last STD test don't match) is one thing, but what really happened is another matter entirely. However, given the lack of evidence, I must stress that this is just my opinion and nothing more. I am not stating this as a fact.

All that said, this guy does not strike me as a lolcow, but rather, as a damaged person in serious need of treatment. I think there is a well defined difference between being a lolcow, and being an actual danger to others at large (Sociopath).

This guy, although very diligent in creating a fake persona and a fake narrative (The whole retired pornstar story), doesn't seem to be self-deluded by his own fantasy world; unlike most lolcows who end up believing their own lies and fictional stories. Like, this guy is visibly trying to achieve something by fooling or tricking people.
Posted on March 25, 2017 by Samuel Collingwood Smith
A few weeks ago, Matthew Hopkins News reported that a person claiming to be a Kiwi Farms user had sent threats to a school and MP to stalk a child in the rough area where Oliver Smith lives, demanding that bloggers and Oliver stop criticising Kiwi Farms. A subsequent, anonymous, paper letter was sent to Smith’s home following up on the same threats, with the same goals. With Darwin-award level stupidity, the sender used signed for delivery. This tracks the sender location and timestamp as well as the recipient and all UK post office have CCTV. Subsequently the sender was finally revealed – and their identity is with the police and FBI
This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever read. It is clearly menacing and it is anonymous (it goes on for another crazy page) and wildly untrue but the tracking number is stuck to the envelope. Whoever wrote it clearly expected to be untraceable, so they deserve a Darwin award for stupidity. Royal Mail records show that it was sent from a post office in the B and M store in Park Street Liverpool L8 4UE at 13:12 on 21 March 2017. The shop confirms it holds CCTV. After the extent to which the ‘anonymous’ sender fouled up began to circulate however, there was a fresh revelation.
The letter is a clear followup from the school terror threats. It uses the same style and uses an attempt at my letter format in an obvious attempt to implicate me. Shortly after the letter arrived, it became apparent the sender would be traced. For some reason (I suspect panic) Joshua then admitted he sent it (archive here), although he insists he did not send the others. As a reminder that would be the threats to schools in Florida, the threats to a hospital in Wales (Josh also claims there were threats to hospitals in America – but I had no knowledge of this) the threat to two separate Hertfordshire Schools, the threat to murder Margaret Pless, myself and Greta Martela.
This insane, two page rant is currently being reviewed by police in the United States and United Kingdom –
Moon’s motive for this despicable and cowardly communication to a person he and his friends claim to be vulnerable adult is his belief that Oliver runs a website called CandiceLynnPotter.com. Moon is wrong, as far as I can tell – whoever is running it uses the name ‘Gene Ross’ and is far more technically sophisticated that Oliver.
[Update 26 March 2017 – amended above to add “person he and his friends claim to be”, for clarity]
I regard CandiceLynnPotter.com as a criminal enterprise doing the same as Kiwi Farms. Up until now, I have refused to link it. However, this incident has caused me to review the policy. I have decided it is lawful and ethical to put CandiceLynnPotter.com on the same footing as other criminal sites I report on like Kiwi Farms or Silk Road. They can be named although I do not condone them.
This moronic letter has backfired badly. Not only has he got the wrong person, not only is this letter the only anonymous threat whose sender is now identified, but he has provoked the real owner of CandiceLynnPotter.com. There is now a new thread on coordinated stalking of Josh’s family here and targeting his mother’s home here. This is simply another escalation of what are now two blatant criminal gangs. I regard both as illegal and point the police to both of them.
However, only one side has resorted to terrorism – and it is not Gene Ross.
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Nool thread from 888chan.
Null!abrIHTVbMA 16/10/13(Wed)18:50 No. 28100 [Edit]
Basically, that Stocking person mentioned will start drama in and around whatever community I join. I assumed it was her, until I remembered I had emailed someone with an address containing my online alias before setting up the website.

Not going to drag this out because it's obviously a bit flustering to have your entire life dragged out for show, but:

- Yes, the quotes are real. I was a drama queen in my teen years. Most of them are 3-8 years old and on a forum for lego brick building that I played at the time.

- No, I did not receive a diploma. I was homeschooled online during grades 10 through 12. However, during this time I taught myself web development skills and I am now employed over the Internet as a front end programmer. I quit my job at the fast food joint about 3 years ago, as I have recently celebrated my 3rd anniversary with the company I'm with now.

- No, I do not live with my mother anymore. We were forced to relocate a few years ago when I had turned 18, and I moved in with a friend shortly after. From there I secured a raise with my work and got an apartment clear across the country. I now live on my own.

- Yes, I have drank a lot of Coke Zero. I've stopped for right now because it makes me feel terrible, but it's a bit of a struggle between comfort, ease, and what's actually good for the body. I'd obviously like the latter to win.

I pay out of my own pocket to host the forums because I like a lot of the people that go there. It's a really interesting and diverse group, considering what it's about. I enjoy my time spent on the board and I understand how bizarre things will look to the outside.

Hopefully things won't blow too out of proportion, but all things considered this was bound to happen given my status as administrator and my own failure to secure my personal information online over the years.

Take it easy,
The history of the virgins at the cwcki. Stripper chick was previously banned from the cwcki months before the incident. Null and some loser stalker named bgheff contacted the stripper chick to get her nudes and try to lose their virginity by using cwcki admin powers. Chick refuses and they start a hate campaign. Months later to the start of the thread. One of Null's old lego buddies starts the thread and null thinks it's the stripper chick. Null and his buddies try to damage control by threatening to "dox " her on 888chan since null and crew think it was the stripper who started the 888chan thread. They post the ads thinking /cow/ gives a shit and we're there personal army. We do what we know best and JULAAY in confusion away from this thread to post in other ones.