nignegv @Cocker
I had a dream where I was a mob boss and kept throwing people out of a tenth-storey window. Some cops tried arresting me and I threw them out the window; they sent the military after me, and I tossed them out the window; my mom confronts me about being a filthy murderer and I cry my eyes out at the horrors I've committed.

Then I woke up

Snowstorm Sunrise

There’s nowhere without gods on that side either.
I have really bad nightmares on naltrexone and often have dreams of my deceased loved ones where I am ignorant to the fact that they are deceased. Also deceptive ones I confuse for a real memory about some mundane thing.

Brown Brickway

King Chatter
I had a dream where I died in a tilt-a-whirl accident while eating a frozen banana. But not only did I die, it also split me into two timelines, one where I died, and one where I showed up back at home and saw the accident on TV and was like "Woah that's crazy". But nobody in my family believed that I was still alive, so I went over to my friend's house and we played N64 bootlegs and I finished the frozen banana. She didn't have any real N64 games, just, like, Mario Kart 64 that was just Super Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros with the wrong characters and levels, and something that was like a Spyro ROM hack of Mario 64 that was just an incredibly shitty version of both games.