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Naught is a habitually lying 28 year old autistic cross-dressing tranny chasing hapa(quarter japanese) incel nazi larper who's gained long time infamy within the Chris Chan community, more recently gaining attention on for his low quality OPs, taking massive :l:s to lolcows, making an ass out of himself and failing in every increasingly embarrassing fashion. Naught is the leader of the Chris Chan white knight group named "The Watchmen", with a known obsession for an anime game known as the "Touhou Project", along with being a noted fan of Ernst Rohm and obsessed with /cow/ lore. Naught, although being a Neo-Nazi with ties to accelerationist streamer Patrick Siegeman, has a liking for trannies on Discord, and has been ridiculed for using his 3 sock accounts (which he shared with other Watchmen) to give himself positive ratings whenever anybody criticizes him for his subpar OPs. Naught is known for his prevalence as a janitor across nazi discord communities and his tendency to make multiple accounts to give positive ratings to as to astroturf the response.


Since his days in his California high school, Naught has been heavily active on the image board 4chan, 8chan, and later 9chan, and involved with CWC-related activities in which he used to troll Chris before eventually becoming his white knight throughout the Mid 2010s. Naught started off far more in a libertarian mindset as was popular at the time on /pol/, slowly turning towards national socialism as the culture changed. While he wasn’t protecting his princess Chris, Naught would be a guest on a series of Far-Right accelerationist streams hosted by Patrick Siegeman known as “WaffenHaus” where he, Pat, and others would sperg about how Jews were the root of every problem, James Mason was a prophet for writing Siege, and advocating for terrorism as a solution to saving the White race from the Great Replacement as expressed by Brenton Tarrant. And at times, would be doing streams with people on True Crime such as the Columbine High School massacre for example.
Naught in private has claimed out of guilt for trolling Chris, Naught and a few others mass flagged Geno Samuel’s Chris Chan a Comprehensive History where it resulted in the termination of Samuel’s channel. However, as Naught has publicly said and in reality, he had no involvement with this, although he did brag to people in private he did it, I guess in some gay quest for clout.
Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 21-21-07 unknown-117 png (WEBP Image, 1017 × 137 pixels).png

You can't hear him very well, but he's in this call to Chris from 2010 in a group related to Clyde Cash.

In 2016 he did a number of 2 hour long streams with this Kira person
He was on this 2 hour stream about Columbine in 2016, apparently this stream in particular embarrasses Naught.

In this 2 hour stream at 5:27 he declares WW3 is right around the corner, Dom Cruise moment check?

Here he forces the most cringey laughter for almost a minute, before ranting about black people for two hours and how they need to be good pets or all be killed on mass.

Rise to Power

In 2019, Ryan Winger (also known as Owls) founded "The Watchmen" with MKRNightVee as part of an effort to protect Chris from negative influences that were looking to pull similar stunts to the Idea Guys where they would take advantage of Chris' autism and steal his tugboat. Like all sequels, it was inferior to the Guard Dogs, which themselves were blubbering retards. Somewhere during this period, Owls would leave the Watchmen when he realized he couldn't help Chris. With nobody then to fill the void, Naught then took on the roll as the new Fuhrer of the Watchmen with MKR, Nova Kyle, Lainchu and Wildcat, who he pulled away from the CWCVille Rebellion fail troll group that was initially led by Smoky Chris and Sperg.

With the Watchmen now under his control, Naught then proceeded to utilize his anameisaname account on Kiwi Farms (which he originally created in 2018) more frequently, and in 2020 he would get Silvia to launch his alt Thetarotreader96 (which was later renamed to death of chans in October that same year) where he would frequent threads such as Ralph’s, Dana Marie Cain, IP2, Tommy Tooter, Kengle, and Thaddeus McMichael.

Besides being on Kiwi Farms and the Chan imageboards, Naught has also been active on the messaging platform Telegram throughout 2020 where he would extensively promote his own threads and posts from Kiwi Farms on either Tard Wars, Witness Blacklist, or Nanashi Unashii. To tell you the truth, I actually asked Naught to stop doing this because not only did the links to his stuff not make sense in the context of his own telegram, but it was just so cringe he was shilling his own stuff on a platform that didn't care, I had to ask twice and even then he started up doing it again in a month, although at the time I didn't know he operated all three.

Sexual Orientation

In April, Naught hinted at his sexual orientation as he talked about wanting to be a Touhou Anime Girl, along with posting a screenshot that revealed him to be more Homosexual than either Bi or Straight. In the past Naught has shared pictures of his e-"gf"s with fellow Watchmen, which would imply a cuckolding fetish.

In a thread that was meant to be a shitpost about him, Naught did talk about flirting with OP. Later this was confirmed to be real by :opeed:

Please do NOT call @naught a raving homosexual, it hurts his feelings.

Naught is a tranny chaser, and is currently dating a tranny who doesn't pass remotely named Peachy. Based Nazi moment?




Not only that, but beyond that, Naught himself crossdresses using his mother's clothes :opeed: (Deleted account=WCT, Blue=Naught)


Onion Farms/ drama

Out of curiosity and disgruntlement for the direction that Null was taking Kiwi Farms in, Naught would join a smaller but similar site to Kiwifarms Farms known as Onion Farms, later joining AMB and then our own On Onion Farms Naught just spammed more of his no effort threads, later on changing his name to "Naught {o}P" solely because I had changed my away from an {o}P2 parody. Naught notably made a thread on how to make quality threads on onionfarms, a known master of OP crafting himself. Naught would later go on to be a moderator for Onion Farms, according to him this is due to the Watchman article on the cwcki.
After the the final revolt against :kengle: for electing a totally unhinged tranny as a moderator, Naught remained as one of the final moderators, one of the only people still willing to take :kengle:'s shit along with WCT who he elected as a fellow moderator, later being stripped after giving random people janny powers. When not cleaning up people's shit, Naught would be as big of a faggot as possible while socking, lecturing people about doubleposting while doing the same to BTFO people and astroturf the discussion.

In April 2021, Naught wanted WCT (a fellow Watchmen member) to do a stream on Onion Farms owner Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt (or :kengle: for short) where he and WCT would do a stream discussing the history of :kengle: and the state of Onion Farms as a whole. The stream was a success despite technical problems on :kengle:’s part, and it convinced Naught to press WCT into doing another stream, this time on controversial Kiwi Farms poster Dom Cruise. Unlike the :kengle: stream though, this stream was cringe and embarrassing to watch as Dom refused to join despite being invited to come on. Naught and WCT would then get to do two more streams that nobody liked, or cared about.

Naught in attempting to get that sweet dopamine made a thread for on Kiwifarms just a month into our existence despite the fact there was almost no content here, however in trying to mimic the Onion Farms thread he forgot that OP sucked dick and rather then include any of the interesting content, linked to his own dogshit tier /cow/ knockoff threads exclusively in a way to promote his posts across multiple websites. This then resulted in the infamous [Do not link directly use] warning that was almost 100% exclusively Naught's fault for shilling his gay shit and making a half assed thread.
Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 01-15-07 Onion Farms.png

Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 01-15-51 Onion Farms.png

Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 01-17-31 Onion Farms.png

Naught has a particular habit of shilling his own posts or threads in the most strange, out of place and forced manners, prime example being the infamous "Meta Analysis" thread here, which consisted of about 20 links to his own dogshit threads. He would even shill his own content on other websites so hard he'd refuse to screenshot it so people would have to go to it, hurting his own post quality to get that dopamine.

Even in random threads he'd spam links to his shit tier threads like the desperate faggot he is.

On May 23rd Naught made his first huge mistake, after hearing of a 100 dollar bounty from @SIGSEGV for @Princess Little Piddles's nudes, he then manipulated the schizo retard he had "befriended" over the course of 2-3 months into sending him nudes by talking to him for a total of 3 minutes. Naught then decided to make yet another shit tier OP with the lowest amount of effort and included the inbred attention whore's nudes, with demand of pay of course. This resulted in everybody laughing at @naught for taking it seriously, being willing to manipulate a retard just to post their nudes for cash and willingness to indulge in such open faggotry. In even more desperate, Naught requested @SIGSEGV buy him supporters in return for the nudes he had already posted, to which everybody laughed at even further, being voted somehow a bigger faggot than :opeed: himself.
dumbass bitch.png
lool.pngseething faggot stfu.png

On June 1st he called into lolcow Ethan Ralph's show to shit on him for his awful app, epic own!

On June 2nd Naught watched "Boku No Pico", an animated drawn porno about grade school boys, with his discord server at their request, wonderful.

On June 9th it came to the attention of kiwifarms and users that a cow named Nathan responded to a thread Naught made about him, he absolutely destroyed Naught to the point he quite literally couldn't recover, attempting desperate to divert attention and bitching like a dog backed into a corner. From this Naught was deemed (by a schizo autist who's being cucked by his tulpa no less) to be "probably black IRL". Other schizo lolcows dabbed on Naught as well, further cementing Naught's status as a total joke.


From here, like a total coward and bitch made nigga, Naught hide on his discord server and kiwifarms trying to escape the all consuming utters of, to little success. He would even make it so you can't see his online status on, confirming his fear of this website. Naught would claim in voice call that he was busy the whole week "watching movies".

Banning from Kiwi Farms and Doxing of the WCT

On June 15th, Naught (as nanashi) would write a thread about Plate Gang. Plate Gang is a group of trolls that used to be associated with streamer Ethan Ralph before they ended up turning on him and sided with Zoom. The OP was criticized by other Kiwi Farms posters and Plate Gang themselves for lack of video of their activities, throwing out names without giving any further details about the subject in question, for asking people to give him archive links despite the fact that he should’ve done that from the start by basic research or asking questions rather then lurking in their discord servers for weeks looking for a nugget of gold. This lead to the Plate member who Naught cited in the OP regarding Plate to talk to him calmly, which later led Naught to delete his discord account and blame WCT for being part of Plate Gang which attacked him (despite the fact WCT didn't even know what Plate Gang was).


On top of that, Naught proceeded to give all of his posts positive stickers from his alts, and downrate all the posts disagreeing with him. Afterwards, Joshua Moon (or Null) banned Naught after it had been revealed he was upboating his own posts from multiple accounts, and ended up banning all 3 of his accounts. (naught, nanashi, and . ')
His reasons for the bans were: advertising, socking, and giving himself positive ratings by using said socks.

In private Naught would seethe hard over, make up allegations against both I and @SIGSEGV



"I-I'm totally not mad at Plate Gang....g-guise..." :goyimknow:
Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 21-18-11 1623985971676 png (PNG Image, 1173 × 634 pixels).png

Shortly after the bans, a mysterious account known as Nightmare would sign up for Kiwi Farms, oddly posting in the exact same threads Naught did or in lolcow threads that he had covered on Onion Farms or And while it was active, it would post the dox of the WCT onto Randy Stair’s thread along with pinging him on one of his Kiwi Farms accounts (specifically Mage). Seeing the similarities between the accounts, Josh would ban Nightmare along with deleting all the posts it's made. Very strange that dox popped up days after WCT denied Naught access to his account and after Naught stopped visiting

With the posts being deleted from the Farms, Naught proceeded to return to under a VPN and new username known as “WCT hate” with the sole purpose of doxing the WCT before abandoning the account after just 2 posts. 1 stating that WCT was part-filipino, and 1 that gave out his dox. When WCT realized that Naught was likely the culprit behind his doxing, little lion boy then requested a conversation with the Chairman of the Watchmen himself as to help identify the perpetrator. Naught fully denies the doxing and has blamed it on a number of other people for it, playing coy. I didn't predict this at all.
download (1).png

The Leaked Voice Call
To set the stage, during WCT's conversation with Naught and the Watchmen(Kyle, Meghan), they were watching "Hitler the Rise of Evil", you had Meghan, who is jewish was begging to know when jews would get gassed (for a movie about the start of Hitler's rise) and Kyle, a predatory bisexual psychopath who takes calls on suicide hotlines seemingly just to convince people to kill themselves. Naught very clearly briefed both Kyle & Meghan to shut up WCT as much as possible and back up Naught, this is shown when they tell WCT to shutup and talking over the movie, then once he shuts up, they constantly talk over it.

This is your based troll nazi tradwife, Meghan.

Naught DINDU!

Naught blames me, @Princess Little Piddles and @SIGSEGV for doxing WCT, constantly deflecting as hard as possible.

Hilariously, in sperging so hard over me, Naught accidentally admits that Nightmare was a sock of his, thus admitting to doxing WCT. I only made two posts on Naught's socks in his thread, and if he says i'm sniffing out his socks and doing it continuously, that would imply that Nightmare is his. When WCT mentions Null confirmed Nightmare was him, Naught goes quiet for 6 seconds lmao

Regarding my relationship with Naught, in all the DMs on here and on Onionfarms, I went back to check and he was always the first person to DM me. The fake persona I "faildoxed"(seriously what does this mean). which he never mentioned to me besides telling it was his GF, would be referring to the Death of Chans KF account, who was originally created and ran by the ex-Watchman Silvia, originally being called Thetarotreaer96. I thought it might be his GF or something cause he told me, in addition they upboated all of his posts, posted in all his threads, etc. But nah, just a female capo that later gave him the account so he could suck his own dick. If he means something else I have no clue, cause throughout this VC he just makes up lies. Never faildoxed anybody Naught, cope harder.

Naught says "no" he doesn't crossdress anymore, admits to being a twink and totally loses his shit over WCT asking questions. Also note, Naught was flirting with :opeed: so his accusation at WCT are funny.

Naught expresses his admiration for Ernst Rohm, homosexual nazi.

Naught loses his shit like a faggot over WCT asking about his doxing, then threatens to dox him further. Clearly threatening somebody means you're very innocent.

Very believable, Naught was gone uhhhh...watching movies....

Haha he thinks the Watchmen is gonna last 5 more years :manson:

Naught spergs out over Plate Gang and makes a huge deal out of it, the problem is, all Plate did was have 1 guy @ him asking why he didn't ask him about Plate to help make the thread decent. Naught really threw his server and account away because 1 guy @'d him. You can see all of his messages below, there was no reason for Naught to lose his shit.


Naught and Meghan attempt to convince Kyle to break the law and let them listen to a recorded suicide call from the hotline Kyle works. To Kyle's benefit, he realizes how retarded of a request this is, however that's just cause he doesn't want to get caught doing the only thing he loves anymore in his pathetic life.



Naught is an AGP ridden cross-dressing tranny fucker that only uses people to get that sweet bit of e-clout, when he no longer needs those people he'll will throw them to the curb as if they were the garbage bags full of tissues from his "Ernst Rohm" moments. From there he moves on like a leech, looking onto the next person that he will plan on inevitably doing the same thing to without any remorse.
Thanks to @World Trade Center for recording that VC with Naught & the Watchmen and for the screenshots. Thanks to @naught for making a such a total ass out of yourself. You will never be a woman.

P.S CPU Blue Heart herself sends her ill regards, Naught / Bismuth.

Social Media

Witnessed Blacklist telegram

Tard Wars LLC telegram

Nanashi Unashii telegram

Naught's new server(has vetting)


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Very good halal. Clearly missing common staples such as dox and such, but those are not entirely necessary. I like how personal narrative wove in here but that you didn't make yourself a focus. Tells a story that needed to be told. Good job, @Arm Pit Cream.

@naught was fun but in like of all this he needs to khs.

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During the first WCT-Naught stream at 1:17:38 you can distinctly hear a baby crying in the background, seeing as he's diving into trannies i'm going to guess it's a family member's kid. When I asked Naught he said nothing multiple times. He certainly lives with his parents / family. Almost 30 and living with his parents, I wonder if he's even less successful than Dom Cruise?

{o}P II

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt is a pedophile supporter
On May 23rd Naught made his first huge mistake, after hearing of a 100 dollar bounty from @SIGSEGV for @Princess Little Piddles's nudes, he then manipulated the schizo retard he had "befriended" over the course of 2-3 months into sending him nudes by talking to him for a total of 3 minutes
lol no.

I sent him the nudes originally. He had had them for a while. I had genuine feelings for Naught but they were never recuperated. I don’t think he knew how to deal with it so our friendship went frosty after that until he released my nudes.


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lol no.

I sent him the nudes originally. He had had them for a while. I had genuine feelings for Naught but they were never recuperated. I don’t think he knew how to deal with it so our friendship went frosty after that until he released my nudes.
Recuperated eh?

{o}P II

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt is a pedophile supporter
Also here is something wct told me. Naught and WCT used to watch neo nazi streams together during WCT’s nazi phase and WCT told me that Naught believed a user called “Null” was Josh lol.