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I feel like I'm reading a note in a horror game. Like this.


clean it up sea jerker
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Nathan wanted me to talk about this in the OP, so here it is. The hoard was the result of Nathan throwing trash on his fucking bedroom floor for a period of five months. This trash included things like bottles, cans paper/plastic plates, bags, plastic utensils, wrappers, napkins, and bits of food, with much of his clothing mixed in the pile along with other belongings. His closet hardly had anything in it because things were simply thrown on the trash pile instead of put away. Nathan is a very busy man, and he had more important things to do than clean his room. This important business largely consisted of jacking off to furry porn, doing drugs, getting drunk, and playing World of Warcraft Classic. In April of this year, he found the time to clean the hoard (this is a video of him cleaning his room for 55 minutes please don't actually watch it). When I asked Nathan why he decided to clean the hoard, this is the answer I got:
Serendipity is such a funny thing.
Who were you talking here about @SIGSEGV?


clean it up sea jerker
I have to admit, I really can't tell if he's retarded or a chad for helping write his own thread and giving it genuine constructive critiques.
I guess the gray area between "retarded" and "chad" is just "insane", though.
The grey area between retarded and chad is :dumbfaggot:@The Fool:dumbfaggot: