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Meta analysis


Probably black IRL
Person of Interest
first up the ccommunity watch threads I made.
Thread contains an amalgam of posters from every imageboard even some which almost defy categorization.

https://lolcow.org/threads/imagebords-madness.103//ibs/ thread is a crossover with /cow/ nu-/cow/ plus internet famous cows..
is tied together via individual threads and other community watch threads, players still active.

https://lolcow.org/threads/ibs.261/self explanatory
https://lolcow.org/threads/incel-thread.222/ties in with imageboards /cow/ ED kiwi farms cwcki part of history.
https://lolcow.org/threads/wizchan.104/self explanatory.
https://lolcow.org/threads/twitter-addicts.196/new age ninnies
https://lolcow.org/threads/tardseeds-new-age-fags.117/imageboards wizchan /cow/ kiwi literally the foundation
https://lolcow.org/threads/cow-cwc-kkk-n0chan-8chan-9chan-julayworld.72/weeb waifu thread
https://lolcow.org/threads/waifu-weeb-general-thread.65/self explanatory
https://lolcow.org/threads/cwc-orbiter-thread.251/bronies brony?
Individual people
great thread which utilizes the above mentioned communities ties into Jahanism and brings us further into the future
https://lolcow.org/threads/ppp-ashton-parks-godwinson-black-adam-of-the-multiverse-adam-edge.68/troon cult shill on boards pink pill tied in with cows
https://lolcow.org/threads/vintologi-se.216/one of the original cows of the internet finally brought together.
https://lolcow.org/threads/jen-cornett-eve-dumhat.271/connected to PPP godwinson aydin /ibs/ /cow/etc
https://lolcow.org/threads/mister-metokur.268/page-3#post-5350English cow special cow
https://lolcow.org/threads/timothy-james-byrne.334/was asked to make this to lure Ashley.
https://lolcow.org/threads/ashley-hutsell-jankowski.156/one of my fav threads ties into each board forum and community political or otherwise.
https://lolcow.org/threads/alexande...ans-gordon-jones-farshnuke-alasdair-jakes.73/randy covered by metokur was on /cow/ a brony etc
https://lolcow.org/threads/randy-stair-egs.360//cow/ ED kiwi farms politics is a pedo?
https://lolcow.org/threads/rebekah-erin-bekah-ford-aydin-paladin.253/Godcow special.
https://lolcow.org/threads/joshua-n...icks-kiwinull-king-janny.94/page-17#post-7831The fool provided me with the material and i wished to see it through he is a board owner furry brony 8chan kiwi farms hater.
https://lolcow.org/threads/eerie-iloveeerie-garrett-keg1996-kittycat111-eerienumberonefan.426/a personal cow /jp/2chan
https://lolcow.org/threads/okuda.459/made out of sheer ennui, tied in with Politics
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Every single one of these threads were made by you and there's no analysis whatsoever. This attention whoring was cringe when you did it in the KF onionfarms.com thread, and it's even more cringe now that you're doing it here. Also stop grooming people on Discord you disgusting faggot.