Fuck them. They are thieves. I am in full support of criminalising their libtardery so they all end up meeting with a firing squad.

Loud House fandom - Bronies 2.0?


the conqueror of all
why are half the episodes in this show about the main kid trying to get some pussy from his sisters


This will never be trolling, this is just a faggot tweeter's attempt to join Channic culture and failing so hard that not even that cuntboy Quadruple-W is impressed.

OP, please go back to your mainly Spastic Zoomer and Millennial website and cry yourself to "Vivienne Medrano X Josiah Brooks Hentai.avi.exe"

Jazz never died!

I've been thinking these faggots deserve a lolcow thread for awhile, so here we go!

For those who don't know or care, The Loud House is a boring, unfunny Nicktoon created by a convicted sexual harasser about a generic 11-year-old boy living with 10 sisters (only two of whom have any actual personality). The show's fandom are pure cringelords whose crimes include drawing CP and perging out whenever someone disagrees with their opinions (see links below).
The fanbase is pure autism. Some of the users on DA who are members of this fandom could use a page on them.
OP is mad that he got btfo by TMNTFAN85 on twitter
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except i didn't? i just like trolling cartoon-loving spergs is all.
10/10 best trolling of the year. Don't get assmad at TMNTFAN85 he is a sperg who can't handle criticism.


Now yuo see...
Doesn't one episode have a lesbian? I think I saw my sister watching this on her ipad once


Now yuo see...
Why didint you archive anything retard? One of the tweets is deleted now. at least insert the screencaps.


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