Halal List of retarded faggots

Jazz never died!


I've put this list in order from most to least retarded. If you disagree with where I've placed anyone, then that means you should probably be somewhere on the list as well.
  1. @Cocker
  2. @World Wide Web Wyyzrd
  3. @Tardicana
  4. @naught
  5. @Jazz never died!
  6. @fatter
  7. @virginstupidweed
  8. @Ashley Hutsell Jankowski
  9. @Tex15
  10. @I'm not lifting a finger
  11. @{o}P II
  12. @Uni
  13. @Regina
  14. @RedEyes
  15. @Arm Pit Cream
  16. @asesoramiento

Tard Cage citizens are in a completely different league of retardation, so putting them on this list wouldn't be fair since they'd all go right at the top.