Just flooded a Discord server with tranny asshole, how are you lads doing tonight

lets make conspiracy theories about kiwi farms


Neither the kiwifarms nor lolcow.org exist, they are both a figment of your diseased schizophrenia afflicted mind. Take your meds.
No way, these are my special star friends and no one can take them from me. We're gonna travel the cosmos together. You just gotta open your mind and not reject the existence of other dimensions and you can come to understand that they are just as real as anything else. It's about being in touch with the universe and the energies of the stars and planets. It's all really complex and you probably wouldn't understand it without watching several dozen hours of videos from my personal youtube guru. It was he who opened both my mind and my anus to wonders that our Divine Creator has in store for us, if only we can understand that we are higher beings than what is presented to us in our physical forms. The problem is that organized religion has taught us to reject all of our natural god given divine energies. They have instead convinced the people to remain angry, distrustful, and fearful of all forms of what they would refer to as "magic" but is in reality a complex manipulation of various energies, such as magnetic and static and electricity, and some that science hasn't even named or has understanding of. They want us to reject our powers as Higher Thinking Beings so that we can serve their god, Moloch, who lives off the anger and fear of living being, but who gives power and gifts in the form of technology to those who will betray their race and their Gods in favor of ritualistic torture of babies and the destruction of our planet and dreams of high ascension.


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This is a funny thread 💜


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