"i hope you fucking die, i mean it. you have ruined one of my favourite things in the world."

lets make conspiracy theories about kiwi farms


Praise be to me!
The alt right, having finally given up on ethan ralph are now grooming josh to be the new savior of the white race. Hence Is new trad cath identity that didnt drop out of nowhere at all. Josh is going to marry a trad Slavic woman who doesn’t care that hes confessed to fapping incredibly degenerate porn. Mark 313 guise

thats my schizo theory


i showed my penis to saltimbanco
Whoa, based Null?


Buck Breaker

the biggest niggerposter since 1865
null plans on shutting down the kiwi farms on july 7th 2021 12:37 AM to scare the shit out of people and beg people to donate him more precious shekels because wahh i cant pay da moni