• Don't advertise this site on the Kiwi Farms or I'll fucking beat you to death. Your attempts to failtroll Josh are not funny and are extremely faggy.


Punching faggots and taking names
nauseated corgi is pretty boring tbh, but some things about him are funny


clean it up sea jerker
I wonder what the fuck goes through the minds of anime avatars to make posts like this one.

http://kiwifarms.is/threads/kevin-g...etreb-the-green-salamander.65259/post-9211342 (https://archive.is/aTkTm)
"Hahaha, only autistic losers care about the TF2 ripoff with the British Lesbian in it, let me write an essay about how much of a loser Kevin Gives is for spending even less time than me playing it hahaha"
And of course there's a mention to Gacha Games and the word made up by Riot Games "MOBA", because of fucking course there is, if there wasn't the anime avatar would implode.

Arm Pit Cream

🌊💪🏻🌴White Boy Summer Has Commenced🍹🤜🌊
However, APC complains about "being mischaracterized" and "people lying about him" more than anyone else I've ever seen post on Kiwi Farms. There's a poetic irony in him being banned (and subsequently bitching) when Null beats him at his own faggotry.
When people call me a liberal and a leftist, i'm going to feel like people are mischaracterizing me no fucking shit lol


clean it up sea jerker
Cyberbowling website about harassing and making fun of mentally ill weirdos gets woke, wholesome and basedpilled about :soy:mental health:soy:
Powerleveling galore

  • Megaroad 2012 projects his soyboyness into the people that tell him the fact he's quite literally ill according to his very own admission
  • The antimoralfag unfunny edgelord I (unapologetically) have a hate boner for, Creepy Pig Man, doesn't want you to tell others to take meds, because that's moralfagging
  • The voices inside Question Mark's head are getting louder and he's afraid the shrinks working against Scientology and for the New World Order may lock him up and take his God-given right to bear arms as an Amerimutt
  • Lemmingwise essayposts about the replication crisis in psychiatry and dysfunctional antipsychiatrists
  • Tom Myers praises SSRI to the level of Penillicin and disagrees with Dear Feeder about their effectiveness