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Transcript of the video: in summary, he talks about Onion Farms, bigotry, celebrities vs lolcows, Nigeria, why he boils burgers, and the situation between him and Josh involving the coins.

Hello everybody, for those of you who are listening, I am Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt, i.e. Kengle, and I'm going to be coming back to YouTube. Now, I was on YouTube a long time ago, but I closed down the channel; I took off the videos. But I've decided to make an introductory video and come back, and part of my inspiration for that is Mad at the Internet, Joshua Conner Moon and the Kiwi Farms. I guess I will start a little at the beginning and cover some basic stuff. I started and I run the Onion Farms forum (which is onionfarms.com) which is a gossip and discussion forum that is along the same vein as Kiwi Farms, but it is much smaller- Kiwi Farms has 83,170 members at last count, and Onion Farms has 477 members.

So, how did Onion Farms get started? Well, I've done this on and off for a while, and even Joshua Moon mentioned it on his Mad at the Internet podcast on me, Kengle. And someone may ask "why Onion Farms?" and my reply is, well, if you're into a forum on this sort of thing, aren't you dealing with layers of gossip and drama? Kinda like the layers of an onion? Yes, Onion Farms is a splinter site from the Kiwi Farms. That was the Onion Farms then, this is the Onion Farms today, and I kinda have to say that we've grown into a nice little impressive forum. Now, the question that I've thought about a lot is what direction do I want to take Onion Farms? I don't really, I don't want a "hardline lolcow forum" like Kiwi Farms or lolcow.org.

Now, there is an important thing that I need to bring up, and that's the issue of racism, homophobia, transphobia and violence. And I want to bring up something that will sound rather strange. People have this conception of forums such as the Kiwi Farms of being an alt-right forum filled with transphobes. Actually, the reality is more complex than this. Yes, Null is a white supremacist. But it does not necessarily follow that Kiwi Farms is another version of Stormfront. You would be surprised that a lot of the staff on Kiwi Farms are transgender. It was someone that goes by the name of Dynasta on the Kiwi Farms that summed it up perfectly. He wrote in a blog on mediums that Kiwi Farms will laugh just as much at extreme right-wing lolcows as much as they will laugh at extreme left-wing lolcows. And this is 100% true! That is also true for Onion Farms as well. We don't care what side of the political spectrum you are on- eccentric people are eccentric people regardless of who they are. Now the question that I am sure that many outsiders will ask, is that if you are not a right-wing racist forum, why do you toss around racial slurs such as the n-word or other noxious vocabulary, in reference to people such as gays, transgendered and so forth. The answer is because you are in a forum with a bunch of gremlins, that's just the environment you're in. Now, I try to draw the line in the sand when it comes to the n-word, but like I said, the environment is what it is and you're not gonna change it. The people who are transgendered or gay and sign up jump in the swamp just like anyone else. And yeah, you have a lot of people on the autism spectrum that sign up as well, and take part. Now, I'm gonna bring up another controversial subject, and that is the issue of violence. One of the most infamous members of Kiwi Farms was William Atchison, the mass shooter at Aztec High School in New Mexico. People will often point their fingers at forums like Kiwi Farms, and then claim that these forums made them into killers. Actually, these people were already fucked up to begin with. They were not brainwashed into being killers- the William Atchisons that register and join are already rotten apples to begin with.

Another question people wonder is, why lolcows? Well, because if I decided to talk about nothing but celebrities, there would be no point to this forum, there would be nothing special about it, because all you would need to do is to pick up a tabloid at the drug store or go to sites such as radaronline.com. The market is saturated with celebrity gossip, people coming here want the gossip about cows. Now at this particular point, people will argue that you already have threads about celebrities on sites such as Kiwi Farms, and that's true. But the mainstay of the forum focuses on cows, not celebrities. But, if you have ever noticed a Kiwi Farms slightly(?), you have a lot of threads with celebrities in there. So why is that? Why this contradiction? Well, because one of the difficulties about a lolcow forum is trying to precisely define what a lolcow is to begin with. A classical answer is someone who makes an ass out of themselves on the internet, and invokes gossip and ridicule. Well, you mean people like Donald Trump? He's made an ass out of himself. You mean like A-list celebrities when they get into feuds with each other? It just isn't as cut and dry as it seems. To answer the question I asked about the direction Onion Farms is going in earlier, the answer is a mix of celebrities and cows.

Now a lot of people will ask, why all the subforums about countries? And, the best answer I can give is that that's just me. I like the variety of the current events that go on in other countries, I like to read about this stuff. Now, I'm sure Joshua Conner Moon of Kiwi Farms as well as the gang at lolcow.org have probably wondered about a few things, so I'll try to clear it up. The first question is, why are you so obsessed with Nigeria? And my answer is because it's just kind of an interesting country. It's one third larger than Texas but it has over 211 million people. You have Nollywood. Its economy is the largest in Africa. The national capital of Nigeria (I'm gonna give a little, just a short paragraph about Nigeria in general) is the city of Abuja, and it serves as the anchor for the Federal Capital Region- in fact, it's called the giant of Africa because of its economy and because of its population. Now there is a middle belt or a cultural boundary or transition area that runs through approximately the center of the country, with the national capital of Abuja sitting in the middle of this. If you're north of the Federal Capital Region it's predominantly Muslim, if you're south of the Federal Capital Region it's predominantly Christian. Having said all this, even on Kiwi Farms, there is a thread on a Nigerian cartoonist by the name of Ugo Jesse. His cartoons are unique in pointing out social problems and issues that affect Nigerian society and he is well known in the country. So the answer as I said is because, well, it's just an interesting place that I like to read about.

The next topic people wondered about- firstly, I think this is kinda silly, but, it seems to draw people's attention, and Joshua mentioned it way back on a livestream with his favorite attorney Nick Rekieta as though it were some horrid abomination. Ready? Here it goes. Do you boil your beef patties when you make a hamburger? Yes, he actually obsessed over this. Well, actually, it's more like a little bit of boiling water bath with the oil, spices, some chopped onion mixed in with there with a little bit of barbeque sauce that make kind of a soupy mixture, a shallow boiling water bath. Well as the burger's cooking I use the spoon to continually pour the mixture over the burger so you can see through. And as the water boils off, the soupy mixture thickens and it browns the burger under the high heat, and just before the water is entirely gone, put some shredded Mexican cheese on it and spoon what remains of the boiling water from the bottom of the pan onto the cheese to melt it. If you do it right, it's actually a pretty nice burger, it's not just a boiled tasteless patty.

Next topic after the boiled burgers... I'm gonna throw in my two cents about Joshua's accusations of criminal stalking, which is just plain silly. Here's the stalking law in Rhode Island: criminal offenses stalking, general laws of Rhode Island, the statute makes it illegal to harass or to knowingly and repeatedly follow another person with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear of bodily injury. Under the statute, stalking is a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than 5 years and/or by a fine of not more than $10,000. So they take stalking pretty seriously on Kiwi Farms. Now, Joshua Moon claimed on Kiwi Farms that he had gotten in touch with the local police station and e-mailed a complaint against me for criminal stalking. So I said, okay, let me wait and see if I hear anything from the Warwick police station. And if you happen to live in Warwick, you would know that the police station is just north of the (I'm retarded and don't know what he says here) down Route 5. Well, I kept tabs on my voicemail- nothing. I checked my e-mail- nothing. I checked my snail mail- nothing. Finally, I stopped by the police station and asked the clerk at the front desk inside, if there was a police report that had been filed against me. Of course, I introduced myself and who I was, and told them that it would've been someone online by the name of Joshua Conner Moon. So the clerk went back to her computer and checked on it for about 30 seconds and came back, and didn't find anything or any police report that had been filed against me. In other words, a big fat nothing.

Now, this was concerning an order I placed with Mad at the Internet back in April for a couple of Kiwi Coins he was selling. I made a purchase for two of them for almost $100 and they were pure silver. I e-mailed him several times asking if there was a timeline on when I could expect to receive them, and basically this was the icing on the cake, he got really pissed off and that's when he basically e-mailed the police, screaming that he was being stalked and whatnot. He claims that I e-mailed him on and off for 8 years. Yeah, that's true. But it's also equally true that I have a thread of over 600 pages on me that's also 8 years old, and he also featured me on one of his podcasts- my image, my artwork and so forth. So, you know, you draw your own conclusions, but to be perfectly frank, Josh just doesn't have a leg to stand on, in so far as criminal stalking charges. But, I'm not really surprised by that because he has a tendency to be really paranoid to begin with.

Okay, having said all this, I'm gonna end here and hopefully I'll get some type of a format with these videocasts on YouTube. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video, like, comment, and subscribe. Thank you, and you have a good evening.

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The Meat in a Kengel-Null Sandwich

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The Meat in a Kengel-Null Sandwich
Inshallah, brother, and may all your burgers be boiled to perfection.
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“ Well, actually, it's more like a little bit of boiling water bath with the oil, spices, some chopped onion mixed in with there with a little bit of barbeque sauce that make kind of a soupy mixture, a shallow boiling water bath. Well as the burger's cooking I use the spoon to continually pour the mixture over the burger so you can see through. And as the water boils off, the soupy mixture thickens and it browns the burger under the high heat, and just before the water is entirely gone, put some shredded Mexican cheese on it and spoon what remains of the boiling water from the bottom of the pan onto the cheese to melt it. If you do it right, it's actually a pretty nice burger, it's not just a boiled tasteless patty.”

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The Meat in a Kengel-Null Sandwich
Lolcow Classification:
Horizontal Parameters: Personal Status/Interest Related
Vertical Parameter: Tier 1 (Lower Grade Lolcow)
Beneficial/Detrimental Typology: Long-Term Neutral
Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt or Kengel1021, more commonly known simply as Kengle, is a former Kiwi Farms user who was banned in 2012 after a falling out with one of the administrators (Champthom). Kenneth is a full-time freelance bookkeeper/Certified Nursing Assistant living in Warwick, Rhode Island.

He was best known for his social relationships with Christian Weston Chandler and several other people of interest on the Kiwifarms.

His life seems calm and mild and he is not known for having any public meltdowns. Kenneth Engelhardt associates with a wide variety of people, including people of interest. His personal revelations, artwork, quirks regarding computer technology, and sometimes eccentric behavior have labeled Kenneth a lolcow but compared to many other people of interest he is considered a “borderline cow” at best. Though he has a pleasant personality, by and large interactions with him from a lolcow perspective tend to be rather monotonous.
History and Personal Life
Engelhardt admits to being diagnosed with Autism and Childhood Schizophrenia. Engelhardt insists that this condition would now be called Asperger syndrome, but without an official change of diagnosis the previous condition stands. By his own account, the now-erroneous diagnosis of Childhood Schizophrenia was provided to him in 1963, with his parents accepting the diagnosis based on available medical information at the time. Engelhardt further brings up Bruno Bettlehiem, who at the time was considered the leading figure in autism research and opined that autism in children was the result of “faulty parenting”. Nonetheless, Engelhardt maintains a good relationship with his parents, suggesting that his family either rejected Bettlehiem’s prognosis or that as an adult, Engelhardt realized that his parents were merely doing their best based on the information that was available to them.

He studied in the Kennesaw State University, and after acquiring his degree in accounting in 2003 (at the age of 43), Engelhardt worked briefly as a bookkeeper in the Augusta,GA area. Kenneth also worked part-time as a Certified Nursing Assistant for a nursing home while attending school in Kennesaw. Previously Kenneth worked in transcription and customer service in a physician’s office during the time he was obtaining his Associates Degree in Accounting.

Engelhardt is divorced without children.

Kenneth Engelhardt moved back to Rhode Island with his parents in October 2004 and worked in a light industrial position alternating that with working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in both Home Health and facility staffing. Kenneth’s parents were reported as being “deeply grateful” upon revealing to them the modern understanding of autism being a genetic condition that had nothing to do with how he was raised.

Engelhardt achieved recognition as a lolcow due to his association with a few notable lolcows and values their friendship despite the fact that it appears somewhat eccentric at times. It has also had the side effect of being particularly noticed by curiosity seekers. This particular trait along with some of his more eccentric hobbies (i.e. his artwork) drew a considerable amount of interest from among the forums Kiwi Farms.

A clash with a Justin Bieber troll caused a Kiwi Farms moderator (which was then still the CWCki Forums) banned him.At the time, the CWCki Forums enforced what was called the “/cwc/ Rule” which meant that getting a thread on the 789chan /cwc/ board resulted in being banned. Engelhardt had several on and off threads due to some of his YouTube videos (i.e. chemistry experiments and artwork) at the time of being banned, and attention was drawn to him for a YouTube confrontation with a person Engelhardt describes as a Justin Bieber troll.

On 6 August, 2015, Engelhardt’s mother passed away peacefully, surrounded by loved ones and hospice staff Engelhardt magnanimously suggested that donations could be made to one’s local hospice staff in lieu of money or flowers for his own family.

Engelhardt identifies himself as being of the Muslim faith having converted in his early 50s. Kenneth was born into a nominally Christian family (Methodist). On the surface, Engelhardt appears to take his adherence to Islam seriously, frequently posting news articles on Facebook relating to Islam or the Middle East and maintaining (in a very loose sense) a personal website containing English translations of the Quran as well as historical and biographical information on important Muslim figures. In one photograph, he was seen with a copy of “Islam for Dummies” on his bookshelf in the background. A quote on his Facebook profile page from the 19th century Muslim scholar Mirza Ghulam Ahmad suggests that he takes a fairly liberal view of Islam in the sense that he agrees with Ahmad’s view that a person should be free to choose his or her own faith based on his or her own conscience. Ahmad himself believed that militarism was not the correct way to interpret the concept of jihad in the (then) modern age, contrary to popular views of Islam in contemporary Western – especially American – media.

Even though Kenneth Engelhardt has been severely cyber-bullied by Kiwifarms because of his faith, he knows better and maintains his composure. It is interesting to point out that the owner of Kiwifarms (i.e. Joshua Conner Moon) is very bigoted towards Islam and Muslims.

Despite his identity as a Muslim, Kenneth maintains Facebook friendships with people of different faiths. Kenneth Engelhardt himself has Jewish relatives in his extended family (including relatives in Israel). At times his religious affiliation has caused conflict including the famous death threats from Jace Connors, who threatened mild-mannered Engelhardt with death over it. Despite this, Kenneth has no issues having military veterans among his Facebook friends. While Kenneth did have a website United-Muslims.com, it has long expired. There are references to Islam in his profiles.


Like many in this day and age, Kenneth’s digital footprint spans a number of social network websites (see his infobox on the top left of this article). Kenneth has made forums and websites of his own creation. Engelhardt’s public presence on the Internet tends to be very dry (if not somewhat monotonous) and occasionally attached to other notable personalities.

By and large Kenneth’s technology skills are probably average for the typical layperson. A persistent myth about Kenneth Engelhardt is that he uses 1990s era software for his websites. However, this is simply not the case and never has been. The confusion arose over his use of Adobe Dreamweaver for many of his websites. Even though Dreamweaver first came out in 1997, Kenneth’s earliest version of Adobe Dreamweaver that he used was CS3 which came out in 2007. The last version he used was CC 2015 for a short period of time. However this was discontinued because of the monthly subscription cost and he went back to CS6. Part of the confusion may have been due to the fact that he also used an open source software (Kompozer) in addition to Dreamweaver. Kenneth’s use of Dreamweaver gradually declined and was totally replaced by WordPress.

While Kenneth tends to give the appearance of being quite open on the internet, he is not quite as unaware as many people think. Much of what he has on the internet relates to his website pursuits such as Sonichen and Rosechen, his career-oriented sites, and miscellaneous websites are not considered “sensitive” in the manner that divulging stuff such as financial information, or inappropriate photos being intoxicated would be. With the exception of his career-oriented sites, most of the other material would hold little if any interest to his employers in the accounting or healthcare fields.

Kenneth was well known for posting daily updates from his websites on an online calendar(KeepandShare.com) and occasionally expresses an interest in short-term online courses. Engelhardt frequently references progress with regards to tools he uses in his website design, as well as an exhaustive list of online courses on web-based tools from a self-guided tutorial website.

Artwork Style​

Over the years Kenneth has created an astounding array of highly unusual and imaginative art pieces. Kenneth’s Art Style can be described as an eclectic collection of Amateur Low Brow Psychedelically Surrealistic Outsider art. It has come across as flat out bizarre at times and has acted as a significant driver for fans from Kiwifarms (Low Brow). Kenneth uses a staggering array of distorted forms using hues with extremely high intensity (Psychedelic), displaying a vigorously imaginative (Surrealistic) manner reminiscent of many eccentric artists.

Most if not all of his works are created on Photoshop and occasionally with GIMP a free image manipulation software program, with Clip art and free template pieces as its base components. The result has been a number of curiosity seekers attracted to his artwork. His artwork has ranged from deceptively simple to creations that require a considerable amount of skill. Despite this he does not consider himself as a professional artist and is still working at the amateur level.

From his simple photography to his Sonichen and Rosichen visual novel series, almost every aspect of his artwork associated with Sonichen and Rosechen features fractured but imaginative composition if not grotesque at times. His artwork is an amalgamation of animal and human clip art. His images are sometimes shocking, and unexpected. Kenneth Engelhardt truly lives up to his motto: “Better living through Batshit Insanity”.

In spite of the fact the Chris ceased drawing Sonichuand its related characters in February 2010 (with rare exceptions), Engelhardt along with many other fans continues to draw inspiration from the Sonichu and Rosechu comic series.

As of April 2015, Engelhardt has cultivated an amateur interest in sculpting in a rather unusual way. His projects included various abstract figures on obsolete computer circuit boards. Reactions have ranged from Facebook likes by Facebook friends to fans from Kiwifarms copying his Facebook pictures of his art. There was a small following of Kenneth Engelhardt’s artwork on the Kiwifarms. Kenneth has also experimented with different art media including chalk, pencil, crayon, paint, digital art using Photoshop and GIMP as well as 3-D mediums (modeling clay, soap, and paraffin wax). Some of these projects were quite involved.