Fat Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt / “Kengle”/ Sailfish / Onionnull / Godzilla / “The Big Onion” - 61 year old Joshua Connor Moon skinwalker/stalker/true and honest father, Unable to take criticism or accept responsibility, probable pedophile, BOILS BURGERS


You're making it sound way more based than it really is
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{o}P II

The Meat in a Kengel-Null Sandwich
I remember when he claimed that people on KF that were mocking him were actually jelpus of his amazing artwork and being on CWCs freind list

yawning sneasel

Tranny Pleaser
Person of Interest
Actually, thinking back, I remember something about this. Woody and Connor are buddies and Woody mentioned to me that Connor doesn't trust Kengel. Connor also almost went back to KF at one point, but Wood talked him out of it. Woody is an interesting dude. Fun to talk to. But Woody and Connor both have severe fucking autism.