Fucking all the time is a femenine trait

Is Josh gay/bisexual?


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Praise be to me!
I mean this isn’t exactly a secret. Josh has admitted to being attracted to femboys. He said he would never do anal with a man but he said “I would do things with him”. He hasn’t said anything like that in a long time though. Was back in the cwcki forums days.


Josh publicly announced he watched Neko Shota (cartoon boy CP). He then ran 16chan.nl. The rules of 16chan.nl were that pedophilia had to be 'contained', as opposed to banned, and that only stories and drawings were allowed. There was a board called /phile/ where people posted stories about Josh or Big J engaging in the types of activity he enjoys. Here is an example of one of the stories Josh eagerly hosted.

Josh is homosexual in the sense of attraction to males, and a pedophile in the sense of being sexually aroused by children and stories and cartoons of children engaging in sexual activity.

Unlike most people who like this type of thing, Josh publicly announces his interests. It is not a secret.

I can't even believe this thread is a thing
. Josh has spent years screaming from the rooftops about his unholy lust for the flesh of innocent boys, not just on Kiwi Farms but on site after site. He joined a fucking blox building game forum and talked about his love for Neko Shota. If he joined a fucking knitting forum he would probably knit a jumper with a 5 year old rugrat cartoon being heinously violated and then threaten to dismember someone's granny if they criticised his cross-stitches. Then he would apologise and claim he was frustrated because wool and unsupervised children are in short supply in Ruma, Serbia.
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