Trashfire Haru Okumura - Wanna-be "Number One Alog" -- Jannie lapdog -- backseat moderator -- obsessed retard -- gets off on attention from Ethan Ralph

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Clowntown nigga
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Jesus Christ dude. 🤦‍♂️

nignegv @Cocker
Literally the only reason that this thread isn't in the shithole is because you actually put some degree of effort into it, but that doesn't mean the subject is actually funny or interesting. You don't even know any of their internet activity besides what's on KF. This is a pretty miserable excuse for a halal.
I agree but you're soy either way


Mover and shaker in the Pakistani government
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That's right lolcow fans! It's the thread all you niggers have been waiting for! The ultimate cringe, the biggest ego.... the most paranoid .... the terminally Mad at The Internet top-hat extraordinaire .... ya boi .... Haru Okumura.
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According to fandom wikis, Haru Okumura is a "playable character from Persona 5. She is a wealthy girl who attends Shujin Academy,
and lives a double life as a Phantom Thief."

On our side of the Internet, Haru is literal retard incel neet tranny that is obsessed with putting Ethan Ralph is jail. He actively communicates with bizarro-world Ralph, Matt "Attention-Whore-Kike" Vickers.
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Autism alert .....ding ding ding! This definitely isn't a gayop orchestrated by a fat Jew from California holy fuck broh......
This insane troon was recently outed as a desperate upcummie-hunter by releasing a poorly-thought out and even more poorly-executed thread
on something that NEVER EVEN HAPPENED.
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Does it???? Or is The Ralphamale laughing at you behind the scenes (???) Hmmmmmm......

Just look at this groveling clickbait title my dudes:
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Cursory review of the facts revealed this to be two things:
1. Gayops from the California Schekel Salesman
2. Attention-whoring for updoots

Psychophants like this fagget showed up immediately to get hype and spill spaghetti (yes he has a thread because he cried about down-cummies owo)
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Incog deleted it immediately after it was obvious which way the wind was blowing.... nice NPC-move there buddy! Oh Noes!!! Vetti and Empresa are being mean to me. Imagine getting dabbed on by Altistic Right of all people.

Cooler heads prevailed in the ensuing discussion....
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Even worse, Haru is a backseat moderator who thinks he is the "number 1 alog" -- we've seen this before. Everyone wants to be the next
Fred Fuchs ... time and time again they are found to be paranoid, autistic, retarded and have even thinner-skin than their targets.
Imagine that.
Haru uses big words so I suggest you watch out you fucking spergs!!
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Does anyone know wtf that even means?
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Anyone who shitposts knows that gayops come from discord.... and no one is allowed to talk to other people on the Internet -- Daddy Jim said so.
Nothing fun or funny is EVER allowed to happen, thanks to the backseat broom-handlers. Fill up your mop buckets boyos we have to make sure no has fun on the Internet EVER!!
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(context: seething about alleged gayops because a thread was made on some other crater-faced Incel NEET no one cares about)
If there are any hills to die on .... it would be defending Spectre of all people wouldn't it?? Why though? No one knows ... yet. This was perhaps the first time Haru
came to the attention of lolcow users that AREN'T NPCs/reply guys. (which is 95% of the community).


....imagine @ing Ralph on a site he hasn't logged into in years .... you know he reads it anyways don't you? Retard?
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wow! the precise timestamp from a 24-hour stream of Ralph farting? This is definitely not the behavior of a deranged person. I guess this one was OK because it was a jannie-approved gayop. Just like the dog-killing narrative?
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How will YOU survive though? :smug:

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This was the first time he trusted Vickers.... they never learn. Chad Gator remains anonymous.
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Pool's closed. Anime avatars btfo

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When this writer's discord "leaked" it prompted an immediate reaction because of course it did .....
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Haru will get to the bottom of this one guise!
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Unwanted attention?? .... or wanted? :deepthunk:
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....could it be because you are the biggest, most obvious and most active lolcow on Kiwi Farms right now?

KF Profile

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nooooooo haru don't do it! we need you to make sure Ralph goes to a Federal Pound-Me-In-The-Ass Prison!!
Is Haru a dissaffected former paypig?? Will the jannies try to clean it up? Why does he defend Spectre?
Is Sam Losco a Reset-Era Tranny?? Will Altistic Right post his math homework???

ps - View attachment 19081 bend the knee.

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