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Donations - ebegging thread


I'm going to be more transparent about the costs associated running the forum because it feels unethical to solicit money from others without telling people where our money is going.

Monthly Expenses
Main ServerThis is expensive because it has a lot of bells and whistles. (dedicated gigabit port, Layer 4 DDoS protection, NVMe SSD with RAID) The server has a lot more capacity than we use so we can handle being slashdotted, growing, etc. This should serve us really well for a long time.$75.50 USD
Backup VPSA nice storage server which acts as a MySQL slave and backs up the entire site every 12 hours.$16.00 USD
Cloudflare Pro PlanProvides CDN, WAF, Layer 7 and Layer 4 DDoS protection.$20.00 USD
Reverse Proxy VPSesI have like 4 reverse proxy servers across the United States so we can avoid censorship. I have a script that runs every 5 minutes and changes the one the site uses if the current one is completely unreachable in the case our account gets suspended or it falls victim to a DDoS attack or something.$15.00 USD
We have a lot more than we need at the moment and we can easily scale back on costs (downgrade Cloudflare, etc.) if the situation gets dire but I have the income and I want the site to be prepared for growth should that happen. We won't need any upgrades for a very long time with the way things are setup currently.
If you have any questions about our expenses please ask them here so others can see.

If you are generous enough to donate over $10 to the forum please tell me so I can give you the Brave User group and you can join all the other cool orange tag people. If you donate a lot you can get a custom tag. (@Null has one)


Payment MethodAddress
Bitcoin (BTC)bc1qjwgwkcn2r0m8qe0evj2jvvdy5v0t2csnxt04le
OpenAlias supported: donate.lolcow.org / donate@lolcow.org / lolcow.org
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)qr2r3w7qz3ywmmuq9a9krl3lp8k6krpufulnxyk828
Litecoin (LTC)ltc1qcw8lm8fn53agers9rmnevv5pk5as5acctursx8
Ethereum (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens such as BAT, USDT, ENJ0xAb5bA254d43bA9B6657CC01F1ba3370CE0673ae9
Basic Attention Token (BAT)Users with Brave Browser can go to lolcow.org and click the triangle in the top right of the screen to donate their BAT. BAT can also be donated by sending it to the ETH address listed above.
Monero (XMR)4Ao9i85bPEjJ7oWmoC4TqQGe3RDF34yFwawsoodoK6PsjSDH6PrKhNYhV549voGxmM8CM7kLKKNkNRF8G2sgKaUoAp8iB7U
OpenAlias supported: donate.lolcow.org / donate@lolcow.org / lolcow.org
Oxen (OXEN)LCuCbYS1LCu6tTnVDqxYCd77hM5inQwY9MyEqfo1fQ5kCDtQrfxWxH2fhztKhvtpmT69CfL8h9VCx3v8HjxbEcjJ1WTgtjo
You can use OpenAlias for Bitcoin and Monero donations: donate.lolcow.org / donate@lolcow.org / lolcow.org

For those who haven't used crypto before and want to get BTC, check out https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com. If you want to use an exchange I recommend Binance and Uphold. Otherwise, if you're still having trouble wrapping your head around cryptocurrency you can PM me and I'll do your best to help you get set up and learn.

If you'd like a unique address just PM or email me. If you want to donate a crypto that isn't listed here I can try sort that out as well.

Western Union / Wise / Beem It / Bank Transfer

Contact me and I'll try sort this out for you. No guarantees.
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I've created a SubscribeStar page for those who would like to pay using more traditional payment methods.

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They do this for every new account, probably so they don't get used for money laundering or piss off their payment processor.
Can you give me a tl;dr on SubscribeStar? Never heard of them.

Also did you edit my post just to resize that cap? Lol



Thank you for reaching out to us!

As we can see, you host a platform and plan to use the subscription
funds for its maintenance. Since SubscribeStar was established to
support content creators specifically, we don't work with platforms
like this, as it's not our line of work. We could recommend using
crowdfunding services, such as GoFundMe or others.

Thank you for understanding.
SubscribeStar Support Team


Starting tomorrow (my time, so about 24 hours after this post is made) donators will be able to get lolcow.org or kengle.org emails. Contact me in PM and I'll sort it out for you.