Ode to the bouncher gets me so nostalgic for when i was 12(?). It reminds me of the gym changing rooms and the scent of deodorant for some reason



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Punching faggots and taking names
It was a usual night at the office. Just my indian v-dashes, slaving their ass off for minimum wage and doing unpaid overtime as usual. After they all went back to their tiny shared appartments, I decided to take a shower in the office gym. The showers, roomy with their black tiled floors and walls, were actually a very relaxing and a spiritual moment for me when I wanted to escape from the smell of soul-penetrating currynigger I had to spend my time during the day in. As I undressed, I lighted a few scented candles and placed them in a pentagram in front of a picture of Steve Ballmer. After all, he was the true OG CEO of Microsoft. Blessed by His display, I entered the showers. I adjusted the temperature from 'Mumbai' to 'Ballmer', the increase of temperature always makes me sweat and forget about the the stupid KPIs I still had to get signed off. As the water drips down my body and flows over my genitals, I cannot help getting erect. The warm Ballmeresque water stimulates the tip of my penis and I simply cannot resist. Just a few tugs, not more. "Enjoying ourselves, I see?". A tingle runs down my spine. That voice. Could it be? No, impossible. I turn my head towards the voice. A large, heavy built ex-CEO stands in the opening of the shower, his belly barely exposing his large-shapen manhood. "Seems you're due for a promotion soon", he says as he starts walking towards me, sweat already dripping from his nipples before he even takes the first step. "H-hi", I stumble for words. "Don't worry, I can make sure you get that fat paycheck. But first..." he grabs my cock "a little something in return." He tugs me off for a moment, I want to resist, but his grip is too strong... and it feels good too. He stops, grabs my ass and turns me around. "Now, for a little good old fashioned Windows ME". A sharp stab in the rear. I feel it entering. I resist a little, but his thrust is too strong. Faster and faster. "DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS"