Halal cjocker

niggerman 9000

he cant handle the swag


I don't tolerate rudeness on the lolcow.org website. Please treat others how you want to be treated and remember the human. Forum etiquette is extremely important to the culture of this website.
bathe with a plugged in toaster

Gone Ham

Rest in Power Kengle
So let me get this straight: Cocker sleeps 14 hours a day, has no job, is not in school or professional training, loves to do planks and squats, is a furry porn addict, calls his one IRL friend every afternoon asking to wrestle and sniff him, spends the other 10 hours of the day on Discord, does it FOR FREE, and LARPs as Trump-supporting right-wing cuckservative NazBol sissy bussy cub rapebait despite living in the single gayest and most liberally socialized backwater island toilet on the face of the planet.

And yet he still wants us to thank him for dedicating 10 minutes every five or six weeks to doing the very, very small amount of simple, basic website maintenance tasks that he promised he do.
And yet he’s somehow a better site owner than Jewsh


frog always = leader of the frog army
Why is he so scared of his dicord getting leaked. I saw it before lmao. @Cocker is there something you don't want us to see?