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So is this a real thing or is this going to in construction forever
I don't get why you needed some gay discord and private splinter site to organize threads on the ILJ sub form of all places
None of this fag shit would have happened had you just used DMs @Regina
I'm working on multiple projects right now (which will be public soon, there's also some great material on a few interesting folks that'll be dropping soon) and the forum is kind of on the furthest burner back at the moment; originally it was intended to start (if you look you can find me saying this) as a place for our group to get off fucking Discord but that was like herding cats and that audience is a little scattered rn. I'm going to open it eventually but not feeling like jannieing dumb shitposts to start it off.
@Regina will the wiki open at the same time, or are you gonna tape it off for a month like some DLC
Wiki will probably open first, it is open to read but randoms can't join. If you unironically want to join just shoot me a DM. It's not just Chris-centric either although the first subjects are. The tagline is about people who "insert themselves into Internet drama in foolish and/or problematic ways" which could be more expansive than just Chris weens but that's a starting place. It's not a general lolcow wiki (I'm not up for Josh levels of drama) but is basically meant to cover people who make fools of themselves in that particular way.
you have to buy the ILJ season pass, please understand
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also mean girls sucked, it's the female equivalent of Scott Pilgrim vs. the world
nonsense, Scott Pilgrim is manicpixiedreamgirl bullshit, Mean Girls is iconic and nostalgic.
The idea of having to treat drama involving a guy named "Doctor Retard" will never not be the most amazing shit I have seen
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You're not wrong, lol. It's pretty funny. "Dr Retard" posted the 2nd Chris incest leak and stuff about that seems to have been covered up, hence interesting. But no, she (I think it's a she) is a huge sped for real.
>extremely bad look for the CwCki

Lets drop the characters for a minute, right here, right now. Man to man. Or Man to they/them or whatever because you're so fucking individually retarded at this point your gender is Faggot regardless. How could you be so ridiculously deluded that you could type this unironically and NOT immediately understand, instantly feel - deep, deep within the primal human instincts that flitter and dart in the thoughtless spaces between waking and sleep - that you need to either log off or kill yourself? Are you THAT far gone? Are you THAT divorced from reality? What the fuck is the matter with you? What is your genetic problem? How are you too incapable and inept to understand how stupid and pointless and retarded this is? How did you let it get this bad? Why will you NOT just stop? Why have you not lol calmed down months and months and months after you were told to lol calm down?

What the fuck is the matter with you? What the fuck is your malformation? Are you FUCKING kidding me? A bad look for the Christian Weston Chandler Wikipedia. A BAD LOOK for the cunted, unhinged, Christ-blasted CHRISTIAN WESTON CHANDLER WIKIPEDIA WEBPAGE. Fucking imagine that. You empty-headed layabout. You disease. You small pan of unsalted lukewarm pasta water, you fucking degenerate tranny larping forever alone unmarried loveless loser. Fuck you. Fuck yourself.
Well, you're not wrong, exactly. I have not been in the greatest mental state recently. Very recently I've been doing better, trying to cut down on internet, pot, and being weird and manic. I know, I know, "muh mentals." But it's not like stuff about that isn't at your fingertips.
Does @Regina know Chris is in jail? It's over, CWCki has lost it's main reason to exist. Is (s)he really going this far into autism just to beat a dying horse?
This is a good point to a degree but the faggotry over there pisses me right the fuck off. I dunno if I should make a seriouspost about this or nah but the long and short of it is that their gay bullshit and Geno's gay bullshit (from whence Devon and Dillin's gay bullshit, etc.) is pretty much the cause of the modern ween and that's a significant problem but as far as the higher-ups there being undeniably involved in Chris-related gayops, (a) they deserve to get put on blast for it (b) it's funny. Perhaps (c) this finally killed off the "Spooky Bones" account which is probably good for my aforementioned mentals. Good times all around.
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Is this the new "Viewing chat page"?
Monitoring the Situation.

Internet Tough Guy

Friend of the Internet Sticker Yakuza

Okay what the fuck @Perspicacity first being the middle man for gay fat sweaty men and now this shit?
This is more in the weird pre-"burn book" servers just to clarify but man how do you keep finding yourself tangentially involved in this shit it's almost comical if the PPP shit wasn't such a dumpsterfire
Pretty much done reading through the logs, bored now, found alot from just "LOL your UI is shit"
I'm just gonna book end this with their reaction to the apc meltdown because that shit is funny
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To clarify. I have no idea what this is, I have zero association with anything of this. The whole Isabella subforum was concentrated retardation, I don't think I ever even posted in there.
Lol liar. You weren't deep in the shit with us (couldn't sit with us?) but you can't say you had no idea. You were there. I can't prove it by looking at Kiwi PMs because lol banned but anyone who knows your discord can compare it to the one in the logs (presuming you aren't smart enough to have made a burner.)

Ffs just say "lol yeah I joined for a bit but they were faggots and I left" ... don't try to disavow entirely, that's just cowardly and dumb and easily proved false. There's a couple of people who did this or even better were excited and boastful of being a part of the whole thing right up until it became "uncool" in front of oldfags or whatever. Now again if you just say we're faggots or turned into faggots, fine, but trying to disavow entirely just makes you look like a liar and a fool.

There's shit I could easily try to disavow or blame shift but really? That'd be lame. I was there (and at least nominally running things.) I have to own a lot of stuff. You don't have to own anywhere near as much of course but it is super gay to try to avoid owning what is yours.
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