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@Regina bbg did you figure it out yet? I was talking to....OOOOOHHHHHHH no no no that's too much of a clue. That's just giving the game away.

This is just so exciting

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@Regina Something that I've been curious about here, right?

You had Falsies, Basalasas, Greasy Spoon, A Big Guy (for you), CommieDickDude, TaylorSwift Ghostwrite, Hiram, and plenty of others whose names I've forgotten but whose dox I've saved.
They all had accounts on your site. I also remember you going absolutely retarded over the Chris-Chan Islam server and you invited a ton of people from the KF PM chain, Gumball, and others; who helped you dox (because you're a useless schizo) the kid doing the Islam shit.

Where the fuck are they? Did you ban them, or did they abandon you?
If the former, why are you paying for hosting over a dead website
If the latter, how does it feel being so unlikable that even other no-life autists end up drifting away from you.


P.S. I didn't impersonate you and don't even see your wife's dox anywhere (except one picture) but the fact that she's DFE here (@Shiksa Siren, why? cc @SIGSEGV) is pretty telling if she got doxed somewhere. Pretty sure you're trying to walk back/disavow whatever the fuck happened in that thread lol.
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Pretty sure you're trying to walk back/disavow whatever the fuck happened in that thread lol.
What thread? You just said you didn't see anything, and a sentence later you're referencing the thread where that was posted lmao.
I can prove pretty conclusively that it wasn't me, because I tried making an account to go into that thread to call Moralfag Supreme a fucking retard.

I can't even make an account without it getting rejected; and I tried setting this account up through a VPN. Even if I wanted to act like a retard on KF, I can't.


January 7th.

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So I've been sitting on this for a while. It's not much, but it is another discord that's never been leaked.
The TL;DR is that I kicked everyone from one of the previously leaked discord servers except the two girls who kept trying to fuck me over the internet, I can't really recall which particular incident of insanity happened the next day with Spooky and company, but I was glad to have no part in it.
This is the server Spooky set up that he believes I had no access to. (Thank Bas for me @Regina )

Furthermore, @HiramTheGrift you can thank Disco for this.


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