Beer - More like BEAR amirite

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This uhh website doesnt have a beer thread. Now it does. It didn't have a beer thread before but now it does. Well, it had the Bud Light Platinum thread, that was A beer thread, but it was really just specifically about Bud Light Platinum (Official Beer of LOLCOW . ORG) and less about beer in general. Over the past 25 years or so, beer has been getting pretty popular in big US cities, so I thought maybe we should have a beer thread to celebrate that fact. Again, a GENERAL beer thread, not the Bud Light Platinum thread, which is really just about Bud Light Platinum which again yes IS A BEER and I see how that could be confusing, but this is the more general beer thread which - again - isn't something this website had. In the future, you can direct your general thoughts about beer into this thread, and then keep Bud Light Platinum-specific talk and/or anecdotes (like when you're slammin a few platties with your buddies during the BIG GAME) in the Bud Light Platinum thread, that should keep things nice and tidy for everyone. Thanks.


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Imagine drinking the HRT equivalent of a beverage.

(average beer drinker physique)
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beer's cool but nothing beats the taste of nuclear runoff with a side of molten steel


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I tend to only drink when cool down after a group sports thing. I do enjoy beer and have an entire fridge of fancy stuff but I guess I just collect now a days.

I'm partial to strong sours or most any bold flavor makes you pace and enjoy. Getting old sure is lame.