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@Rat Speaker is this accurate?
Partially at best. APC was super vocal about my ban. Demanded to know how i changed my avatar after I was banned or how I had access to the site even tho banned. Neither of which were true, an admin changed my ava and your last seen date changes when you refresh KF when banned.

I got into a slap fight with xenomorph which lead to a slap fight with twinkle defending here by saying I was doxing KFs mods on discord, which I wasnt. Twinkie ran to Null with no evidence besides word of mouth which is why JSGOTI came to my defense. Ive known JSGOTI since I registered my account and he knew I was nothing more than a shitposter at best an idiot at worst but not someone doxing mods for shits and giggles.

JSGOTI mocked twinkie for being a skizo, like many others were, because she drunk with power over Null now favoring her as his newest egirl.

I was unbanned because Null realized this was drama and not a case of me actually doing anything and then almost immediately banned again for write a profile post saying I hope xenomorph died. (Still do, fuck that bitch.)

Only person I tried to dox in that discord server was @snailslime (who ive already discussed this with, I was lead to believe there were of age nudes of @snailslime and that was my pure motivation for doxing her)

Ironically enough xenomorph and pineapple fox (possibly 1 or 2 other "female" users as well) were the ones prepping to dox thotto and kam. They had there own section of the discord server that was only accessible if you had a "girl" tag so I never had access it.

Stranger neighbors had a mental breakdown and believed I had doxed him and was harassing him irl (it was actually a friend of his who he had shown KF to, he admitted all of this to JSGOTI) so he started to try and plant seeds of misinformation to get me banned. This started the whole thing. He told thotto I was trying to dox her, who told twinkie who accused me in supporters.

Xenomorph and thotto had a falling out over pills or some shit that I couldn't be bothered to care about.

I think that covers everything.

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Id also like to point out all the drama came from fat girls, who mostly just post in the fat girl section of KF, fighting with other fat girls and causing fat girl drama.