Halal Arm Pit Cream - this is now a Bartleby thread

I'm not lifting a finger

Toddler Cummy Connoisseur
you and your team must have been terrified to bring this information to light

i'm prayering for you
Prayering? Thats cringe, no dogecoin for u
go read sam harris and dawkins you retarded religioustard retard
t. epic fedora man
He's based and redpilled but also such a fucking leaf you end up having to go through mental gymnastics to understand him which unironically makes you more based and redpilled when you come out on the other side of it.
You're so fucking easy to trigger, loony and lolcowish that you gotta go through heavy mental gymnastic to understand why these places not only allow you to post but also don't actively mock you Taylor Pickens style.