"so uhhhh.... i lost my anal virginity"


  1. Get_Your_Kicks_With_8x56

    Your Favorite lolcow.org Stars on the Big Screen

    Have you ever wondered what {o}P sounds like? Or maybe if SIGSEGV is as based as he seams? Or have you wondered if snailslime was a real women? Did you ever wonder WHY Kengle boils his burgers? Well now all your dreams have come true and all the stars are here! Edit: The fucking pussy who...
  2. {o}P II

    Fat Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt / “Kengle”/ Sailfish / Onionnull / Godzilla

    OP in progress Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt, 61, at first comes of as a harmless old man, struggling to grasp the finer points of lolcow culture. But looks can be deceiving.. He is in fact a deeply narcissistic and self obsessed person and who creates enemies in his head to cope with his own...