1. Uni

    Messing around with Bryan Dunn's account is fun!

    The Password is "ihatekiwifarms", just to let you all know! This is the result of my strange behavior. Some quotes of Justice: "Loona from Helluva Boston Marathon ripped off my big beanbag sized balls yesterday, but I glued them back onto me today, what shall I do to get my revenge?" "BIG...
  2. Get_Your_Kicks_With_8x56

    The Internet Troll Hunter

    :cringe: This will be kiwifarms in a year or two, once Null troons out
  3. Arm Pit Cream


    WolfeTone, the oldest of oldfags who started kiwifarms since 2010, despite joining on August 19, 2020, even pledging his allegiance to Null well over a year before joining. WolfeTone is an aggressive Floridan autist with a broken penis, born into this world by his parents late into their 40s...
  4. Virginweed

    Kiwi Farms General Where did kiwi farms go wrong originally? What was the final nail in the coffin for you?