1. World Wide Web Wyyzrd

    Hiei2k7 and Dodger of Zoin

    If you don't know who urinatingtree is then please check out his channel; he makes amazing sports videos and we often spoke to each other on discord. I use tha past tence because these two fucking nazi's are ruining my Friendship with Utree. Utree thinks I'm funny, but the liberal agenda of...
  2. Internet Tough Guy

    Tex15 / Space Sheriff Gavan / Pedro(?)

    Note: Tex is notorious to DFE once he feels like he has stepped in enough shit so please archive/Screenshot everything you see from the guy (special thanks to @scary_person on the fediverse, without you alot of Tex15's insane ramblings would be lost to time) was debating making this thread since...
  3. Cocker

    Fat Erik Estavillo

    Erik Estavillo is a vexatious litigant proud alumnus of UCLA who wastes thousands of American Tax Dollars™ by clogging up the courts with frivolous lawsuits that only a fool could attribute merit to, these almost always read as if they are a list of demands to a company who he has mad at. Over...
  4. The Fool

    Fat Christian Weston Chandler / Christine Weston Chandler / Carlos Chantor

  5. Wooden Spoon

    Fat Louis Gagliardi / Lou Kike / @Truthtigress / Ace/Kara/Dinah/Artemis

    Louis Gagliardi is a fat, aggressive, "transgender", furry degenerate who loves grifting from his various communities. He is a 37 year old man who lives rent free with his mother in Pittsburg, who often claims that he is living with a transphobic family and is #disabled and that is why he begs...