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  1. Kong Dong

    i am redpill ama

    when did you most recently have sex ?
  2. Kong Dong

    Debate Taylor Pickens on the Ethics of Violating Restraining Orders

    it is. and you are.
  3. Kong Dong

    Lol look at this Spiderman faggot

    he's into those "POV: you've pissed yourself and I'm scolding you for it" porn videos
  4. Kong Dong


    okay, time to spill the dox I've been sitting on for some time. I have this from a high place in the feds, so it would be incredibly embarrassing if they were wrong about his doxxx; SIGSEGV / STEVEN ANTHONY BALLMER pictured above: SIGSEGV next to a Basketball-American Steven Anthony...
  5. Kong Dong

    HOLDING THREAD for @Extreme Analrysm GF nudes

    Can I fuck him for her?
  6. Kong Dong

    Halal cjocker

    I already have his dox. Got it from a credible source as well.
  7. Kong Dong

    Halal cjocker

    cockjockey being into Power Rangers makes sense.
  8. Kong Dong


    I heard his name's actually SIGV
  9. Kong Dong

    Tranny Naught / Bismuth / anameisaname / ANoN LLC / nitto / nanashi / death of chans / Doppelganger / Nightmare / TardWarsLLC / CPU Bismuth Heart / CTRL

    I like how consistent he is in writing we're as were. I'm just imagining that forum full of were-retards now.
  10. Kong Dong

    mean chat bullies

    you're the doctor, you should've administered them to vem
  11. Kong Dong

    Lol look at this Spiderman faggot

    how did you know? I thought my robot army wouldn't be found out...
  12. Kong Dong

    Kiwi Farms General

    Zere is no Canada like French Canada, it's ze best Canada in ze land. Ze other Canada is a bullshit Canada if you lived zere for a day you'd understand.
  13. Kong Dong

    Lol look at this Spiderman faggot

    Me 2
  14. Kong Dong


  15. Kong Dong

    Lol look at this Spiderman faggot

    The Jumping Dwarf is my longest lasting sock
  16. Kong Dong

    Bring Back Lolcow Wiki

    I was there, I witnessed it all happening.
  17. Kong Dong

    Trans Rights' retarded splinter forum (pls join)

    the forum seems really active and thriving. a real contender!
  18. Kong Dong

    Is Zed autistic?

  19. Kong Dong

    Is Zed autistic?

    So I've been wondering about this for the last few months since I first started to dig into this "Zedkissed60" character, and it made me question whether or not he was autistic. let's examine the evidence, shall we? 1. He shies away from people. He seems to have problems connecting to various...