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  • This shit is way better than KiwiFarms. Holy shit, I should have jump ship out of that site years ago. We got real-based players on this website plus they don't give a rats ass about fame or shit. Just being 100% true bros from the hood.
    Boobie Bomb is here
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    There was once a time where I tried to motorboat my mum's C cup tits with my hard, 2 inch speedy swordfish special streak cock. Guess what happened? She suddenly woke up and screamed at me. I was so pissed that I tried to choke her with my ass hair, but that didn't work. I had to use my trump card, a PlayStation Portable with its uncommon camera accessory attached.

    She then looked at me in horror, not arousal but pure horror. She knew that Japanese wonder was going to send her into the 4th dimension, which is also known as my ballsack. Anyways, I shoved it up her ass and she fainted instantly because the camera generated enough friction for her to climax. What a good day.
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